My 2018 Goals

Happy new year, everybody! I have returned from a blogging hiatus feeling refreshed and inspired to relaunch Hannah’s Happy to the best of my ability! For an insight into how I see my year going, here are my 2018 goals…


2018 goals new year resolutions



Let’s start with the part of my life that I have unapologetically put first: business. Last year was a great year for realising my worth and for accepting opportunities. I made several big decisions but I really feel like I got my balls towards the end of the year. Business takes bollocks. That is the most important lesson I learned in 2017 and I am taking it with me into the new year. I’ll be saying ‘yes’ to projects worth it and ‘no’ to ones that aren’t. In 2017, I doubled my income in just under 10 months. In just the last month, I have increased my profits by £10,000 a year and I want that figure to double by next January.  That’s the goal!



My creative projects got sidetracked last year when I developed my business instead. Hannah’s Happy was paused and, though it was the right decision, my love for writing will never fade. As well as better promoting my book, The Difference Project, I intend to publish on HH every other day all year. I love it, it has brought me many an opportunity and it is not ready to be put to rest! Expect lots of content on business, wellbeing, homeware and more!



This year, I am starting the new year in a new house! Adam and I have long outgrown a one bedroom flat and are moving our fur family to a much larger house! (It has two flights of stairs and everything!) There is so much potential for interiors and we all know that’s what I love to do. Follow me on Snapchat to see an empty house tour on move in day (the 5th) and follow our journey to filling this huge house with things that we love.



One of the hardest lessons of 2017 was realising that we all have different paces to life and different priorities. It can feel really alienating to be seemingly choosing the exact opposite of everybody else all the time. In 2018, I want to celebrate differences rather than compare myself to everyone else. I want to spend more time with the people I love, take more breaks and enjoy life because it’s too short not to! Working on your success is so so important, I cannot stress enough how all young people should be striving for better, your 20’s are the perfect time to do it, but we also need to remember to live!


These are my goals for 2018 and I’m letting you hold me accountable for them! What are your goals? I’d love to know!





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