My Autumn Bucket List

Autumn is here! It’s my absolute favourite time of the year and I want to make it special! Here is a list of some of the things I’d like to get up to. Here’s my autumn bucket list…

autumn bucket list


Take a trip to somewhere perfect in autumn 

Autumn in London is always perfect. The leaves fall and turn golden early, the air is clean and crisp and roasted sugar nuts appear on every corner. This year, however, I wanted to experience it somewhere new. Adam and I took a trip to Copenhagen for a week. We thought that the home of all things hygge would be the perfect place to spend autumn. Where will you explore this autumn?


Go to a bonfire 

Sure, your clothes and hair will smell but there’s nothing like a crackling bonfire. When I was younger, my family and I would always go to bonfires together. We would wrap up warm, make toffee apples and watch the fireworks together but I haven’t done it since I left home. This year, whether it’s in London or back home, I hope to celebrate bonfire night! (But obviously before bonfire night because I have pets to take care of!)


Carve a pumpkin

Last year, I carved my first pumpkin and I can 100% understand why my mum used to do it for us! I can’t imagine a worse activity to do with a child! It was a long and messy process but the results were still great. This year, I’ll definitely carve pumpkins for our house again, though, but this time I’ll be more prepared! I might even make a pumpkin soup!


Do something spooky

Halloween is my favourite holiday of the year. I love all things spooky! Whether it’s going to a Halloween party or club or just watching spooky films at home or at the cinema, I can’t wait to do something spooky! I love dressing up all dramatic and scaring people and I love all the Halloween sweet treats that are about this time of year. Jump scares are just around the corner now and I can’t wait!


What’s on your autumn bucket list?



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