Tea: Three Winter Cuppas to Enjoy This Winter

This is your welcome reminder to slow down and take a break. Breaks are always best enjoyed over the soothing ritual of making and enjoying a cuppa! Lately, I’ve been really enjoying black tea and trying new flavours so, since it’s my new favourite thing, sit down and warm up with some of my favourite autumn and winter teas.


winter tea


Gingerbread Tea 

Some might say that gingerbread is reserved only for Christmas but I think it should be indulged all throughout the winter! Strong and spicy, I like gingerbread tea with a real kick to it. A little burn in the back of the throat never hurt anyone! If you’d like a smoother flavour, you can try finding a gingerbread and caramel variety. Gingerbread doesn’t just fly solo! Because this is quite a rich and sweet taste, it is best enjoyed in the evening!


Hot Date Chai 

If you want a drink to really wake you up, try hot date chai. It won’t be for everyone but if you love a bit of spice then you’ll love it! The T2 variety has chilli, chai, dates and even a bit of cocoa in for a great blend of flavour! I like it black and sharp, brewed for a few minutes. For a softer, creamier white tea, it can also be brewed in milk for a longer time. In fact, this makes for a great, less sweet alternative to hot chocolate! To me, hot date chai tastes like winter. And, as it’s highly caffeinated, it makes the perfect companion for your morning break!


Camomile Tea 

I used to shy away from herb based teas. Fruit teas and spices were always my preference! Though I still don’t know nearly as much as other people about herb teas, I have tried to branch out! I was recently sent some Teapigs Camomile tea from Patch, along with some plants of course, and I thought I best give it a go! I actually love it! Camomile tea is smooth and quite a gentle taste but it’s really good for anxiety and stress and is generally promoted for good health. If you’re just looking for something simple to enjoy at your desk throughout a busy day, this is the tea I would recommend!


What are your favourite winter teas?





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