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Hello lovelies,

I am excited to write this. As you’ll probably know, if you follow me on other platforms, I recently purchased the new iPhone 6S and sold my iPhone 5S and I thought I would talk about it in a chatty, informal review type way.

My contract was up mid September- (which is really strange because I remember getting my last phone the day before I moved to London, two years ago, and I remember saying to my parents how the next time I refresh my contract I will be a third year! Now I am a third year and a completely different person to who I was two years ago and it’s so crazy to think that those two years went so quickly!)

ANYWAY, my contract was up on the 15th, the pre-order date for the iPhone 6S was the 12th and then they were due to be sent out to arrive at our homes on the 25th which gave me 24 hours to put in my sim card to the new phone before I would have been billed again on my old contract on the 26th. (Have you got all that?) So it was perfect timing and I went ahead and upgraded to the only phone that could possibly match and better my trustee 5S. However, the timing didn’t work out so I have only recently received it, unfortunately. Nevertheless, I thought I’d talk a bit about why I got it and why I think they’re the best phones yet.

The contract I had two years ago was with the Huawei P6 (I think?) and then one year into my contract, I bought my stepdad’s iPhone 5S off of him so that he could get the iPhone 6.

I did really like the 5S, I love the fingerprint technology, the layout, the way Apple phones are just cleaner looking than any other phone, the Appstore has more apps to my liking and I obviously got to use a better camera and iMessage etc. I was super happy with it, there was nothing wrong with it at all, it was just time to upgrade.

First thing is first, I chose the rose gold colour because I think it’s beautiful- what girl doesn’t love a bit of rose gold here and there? I guess the second biggest question would be why I went for the plus and not the average phone size. I could tell you how the battery life is better on the Plus, how the software is better and how it is visually nicer to work on but my personal reason for choosing the Plus was that I take and edit a lot of photos on my phone, even before they get edited on my Macbook. So, naturally, I wanted the bigger screen to be able to see every little detail and be able to edit it to a better standard.  Additionally, the larger screen also allows me to do everything else, so I can text, blog and edit to my heart’s content with easier access.

Also, I had noticed that my eyesight was struggling. Physically, there’s nothing wrong with me, I have been to an optician to confirm that but I think it is just general use of screens. I had increased my text size so much on my 5S and all my friends find it really amusing because it does look massive but y’know, you gotta do what you gotta do! So a bigger screen means a bigger everything and that works for me!

So, the phone itself, I love! It is a very big phone and looks bigger in my hand because my hands are small but it doesn’t look bad. I know some people are worried that it looks like they’re taking a call on an iPad- it’s not like that and I have a really small head so if it works for me, it’ll be fine on anyone!

The camera has been improved, it takes incredible HD photos, 4K videos, so you can expect better quality  after the 5S photos in my scheduled queue have switched to the new ones. This, actually, was another reason that I upgraded to this phone because all I do is take photos to document days out and particular moments that I want to remember and this really does produce amazing quality photographs. There was a project that Apple did where they sent the phone to professional photographers and travellers and they achieved beautiful photos so if it’s good enough for them then it’s good enough for me!

Another special new touch is the way photos are taken and viewed now. You take a photo as normal and then the camera actually films 1.5 seconds before and after the photograph which means that when you view a photograph on the iPhone 6S, you can tap it and see the movements of the subject or the object of the photograph for 3 seconds.

I love this idea, it works for quick moments where you take a photograph of something and just miss the moment- your phone has got it covered for you! But it also works on a memorable note; you can see what people were doing exactly before they smiled- you get to see what it was that provoked their smile or laugh or emotion and I think that is such a lovely touch! I am obsessed with flicking through my memories and seeing myself and others and the surroundings I was in, move. It brings the photos to life. It’s not dissimilar to photos in Harry Potter where they move a little! Magic!

There is new touch technology as well, you can press down on stuff like mail, texts, photographs or links and they will pop open in a mini version so you don’t have to open them fully. I know that the tech behind this is obviously super smart, it knows how you typically press the screen and when you’re pressing it more than usual but on a simple human user level, it is such a good idea!

It means you can do things really quickly like briefly glancing at an email to get instant information for the immediate present even if you want to look at it properly later but need to check something now. It means you can scroll through hundreds of photos and quickly glance in more detail at some photos without taking you out of the album and right into one singular photo viewing. You can pop up a text over what you’re already doing on your phone real quick and let it go away or mini open an article your friend just sent you, eyeing it to see if it’s something you’re interested in before you commit to loading it. (All small issues but Apple did not miss this detail!)

There’s now 4K video; it means I have no excuse when it comes to filming more. (Does snapchat count?) I can document my life and my whereabouts in captivating detail.

I can pay for the bus and for my shopping with my phone! Now I don’t need to carry cash (who still does that anyway?) OR my card! I just hold out my phone and hit home, the phone scans my thumbprint and it’s paid for!

The front facing camera now has flash. Yes. You can take selfies on nights out. In clubs and dark corners. (Don’t be going into dark corners on nights out, that’s unsafe).

I have everything I used to love on my 5S phone, with so many other features that mean I can literally superwoman at everything really quickly.

And yeah, Siri is better. I had not failed to notice that Siri got hella sassy! One morning, I asked Siri to set a timer for 3 minutes. What did she say? ‘Three minutes and counting. Don’t overcook those eggs!’ Why? A few weeks ago, I had asked ‘How many minutes for a runny boiled egg?’ and she had searched the web and told me it was three. Now, every time I set a three minute timer, she knows what I am doing. (And yes, the first time she did this, I was spooked. No, Siri can’t see you. She just gets you. She’s your new pocket PA).

Basically, I love it. I used to be an Android gal. But if we’re honest, people are only into other phones for the price. If Apple lowered their prices, nobody would else would be in business. Now I don’t have to put up with crashing phones, bad camera quality, app isolation and that ugly font on samsung phones (you know the one- the curly, comic sans ish squiggly one- what were they thinking?)

Apple ; making lives easier.

Apple ; giving you what you didn’t even know you needed.

Apple ; making it genuinely possible to do everything at once.

Hannah x




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