My January 31 Day Challenge


Hello lovelies!

With the new year right around the corner, I have been thinking a lot about fresh starts and what I want for myself for the next 365 days and the question occurred to me: how am I going to make those changes and stick to those resolutions? How am I going to kick of the new year and ensure that my goals don’t just fizzle out and become forgotten about? And I came up with a solution:

Every month I’m going to set myself goals so that I remain on track and don’t lose sight of what I want my 2016 to be like. They might not be in a 30-31 day challenge form like this one, maybe there’ll only be a few to keep in mind some months but for January, to give myself the best start possible, here is the 31 day challenge I am setting myself…

and if YOU want to try as well that would be really cool!

  1. Make a note of your new year resolutions and place them somewhere you’ll look at often
  2. Clear out your belongings and get rid of anything you don’t need or haven’t used in the last month
  3. Have a raw food only day to detox your body (fruit, veg, nuts, water only!)
  4. Take a long walk by yourself to admire your surroundings and clear your head
  5. Think about someone you appreciate and tell them that you do and why
  6. Tidy and clear out your work space
  7. Go offline and avoid all screens for 24 hours to give your eyes a break
  8. Answer every question 100% honestly today
  9. Clear out your phone and laptop and ipad
  10. Have a no make up day
  11. Take a walk with a friend to show them somewhere you love
  12. Go vegan today – no meat, no dairy
  13. Compliment everybody you talk to
  14. No complaining for 24 hours
  15. Cook something new
  16. Read for at least two hours in total today
  17. Change something about your appearance today
  18. Ask people to tell you a fun fact until you find someone who teaches you something you didn’t already know
  19. Wake up an hour earlier than normal
  20. Write down or tell somebody exactly how you feel today
  21. Eat a raw diet only
  22. No swearing or expressing negativity for 24 hours
  23. Go somewhere you’ve been meaning to or do something you’ve been meaning to
  24. Give a belonging to someone else i.e. a much loved book/item of clothing /food
  25. Do someone a favour
  26. Go for dinner with a loved one
  27. Exercise for one hour to burn off said dinner
  28. Have a raw food only breakfast
  29. Produce something creative today (write, paint etc)
  30. Contact a friend for a catch up
  31. Treat yourself to something nice to celebrate completion of the challenge!

So I hope that you like the challenges or it inspires you to set your own goals and let me know if you are trying something similar because sharing progress is encouraging!

I wish you the best of luck with however you choose to spend your first month of 2016 but remember this: start as you mean to go on!

Lots of love,

Hannah x


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