My Microsoft Surface (a review)


With my Christmas job at Debenhams last year, I saved up my wages and bought myself a Microsoft surface. Now, I know that a lot of you, if you were going for a tablet, would probably buy the ipad because it’s a bit cheaper and also a fashion trend at the moment but that’s not the decision I made and I’ll tell you why…

I’m a workaholic and a student so I spend 50% of my life either writing articles for magazines, essays, revision notes or blog posts for you guys. What with university looming overhead also (and just the fact that I’m clumsy as hell) I wanted something sturdy and strong for travelling about places.

P1010468I chose the surface mainly because I use Windows on my laptop and the surface had all of my favourite programmes like word, publisher and one note. The skydrive feature allows me to do work on my laptop, save it in skydrive and then pick up where I went off on my surface without having to transfer any files manually- amazing! (Or maybe I’m lazy)

The surface is heavier and a little larger than the ipad which, understandably, might put some of you off but for me it just assures me that my tablet is sturdy and I can’t break it.

P1010447The surface tablet has a kickstand which I found incredibly useful, especially when watching films, youtube videos, presentations and slideshows or just for browsing blogs even! The surface is very sensitive to touch which I also like.

I know not everyone likes Windows 8 but for phones and tablets I think its fab because you literally have everything at once, all in one place, all live and showing you everything. For an impatient person like me, who wants everything right now this is perfect.

The surface further distinguishes itself from other tablets such as those of apple, by its USB feature which allows for easy transferring of files and the option to plug in an external hard drive, memory stick or even a mouse.

The app market for the surface isn’t yet as extensive as the IOS or the android market but the store increases in apps every day so I’ve no doubt windows will catch up. The most useful apps I have are: the calendar, to do list, national rail, kindle, E4 and weather. The game section is limited currently but there are still adequate games and apps available.

P1010455The touch type covers are something else entirely; the idea is impressive and its definitely a first. I do like mine but I will admit that it took me some getting used to as you, obviously, get no feedback from it so you might be left uncertain as to whether you hit a key or not. I’d prefer the type keyboard accessory instead.


All in all I would recommend the surface to anyone and I remain pleased with my purchase- it was definitely the right choice for me.


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