My Weird Stories of Renting in London

I have been renting property in London now for nearly six years. I have lived in four different places in that time and have gathered a lot of funny stories to tell! I’m here to entertain so I hope you enjoy my weird story time about renting in London!


renting in London


The Dorm That Sank Into The Ground 

The very first place I ever lived in when I moved to London was, of course, my university accommodation. Of all the student flats, I chose to apply for the best accommodation on campus. I wanted my own bathroom and I knew I was never going to go back home so I needed to love where I was renting as it would be my new home. Anyone who knows of Roehampton University will know of the building I am talking about immediately. Lee House was apparently built on poor foundations which meant that, over the years, it was sinking into the ground. There was a basement flat where the windows looked out onto just the earth and the hill in front of the building. It was the first time I’d ever seen a building that was sinking!

On a side note, this is the same place that literally fell apart as I was living there. My room felt cold one day and it felt like the outside noises were a lot louder. When I looked out of the window, I saw bits of boarding tile and I immediately knew they were mine. Sure enough, the tiling boards beneath my window had just blown right off the building and it took them a VERY long time to bother putting them back on!


Spaghetti in The Bath Tub

Where do I even begin with this story? In my second and third year of university, I was renting the dirtiest housing on a dodgy estate and there was a lot wrong with the property. It was incredibly old and grubby, everything was done cheaply and the damp was next level. During my time there, I suffered black mould poisoning and it was absolutely awful! A gas leak there killed our pet hamster and I was robbed entirely of my deposit just because I replaced the mouldy curtains in my bedroom with new ones.

One day, I noticed spaghetti bolognaise coming out of the spill hole in the bathtub. When I informed my housemates, nobody believed me and I don’t even blame them because it sounds impossible! Oil, food and dirty water leaked through the overspill hole and filled the bathtub. Over the course of three days of wellies and buckets and chucking water out the window, the house eventually flooded, spilling over into the bathroom, the landing and the bedroom underneath. The estate agents continued to ignore the problem and didn’t even come to see the property because ‘they were having a sandwich’. They ignored our calls, did absolutely nothing and it was absolutely tragic.


A Multi-Lingual Murderer?

I have the fondest memories of renting our very first non-shared apartment in central London. It was new, it was clean and it was perfect but it did come with a strange legacy. The landlord, the estate agents and the neighbours all let us know how strange the tenant before us was. When we viewed the property, it was being used as a library. There were around 50 identical bookcases in the lounge and we had to weave in and out of these aisles to view the kitchen. The books were in every single language you can think of – this guy spoke them all!

He was also a diver. Every month a new diving magazine was pushed through our door. The man also never ate in the property or used the dishwasher. The brand new oven was complete with stickers, tags and leaflets and the dishwasher was the same. When we noticed it was disconnected, we had to go messing with the pipes and what we found was unbelievable. A bone, the size of my forearm, was wedged in the u-bend. Now let me explain, the only way it could have ended up here was if it was placed there, as the dishwasher had never been used and you couldn’t get a bone down the sinkholes.

Adam and I were utterly creeped out, as was the landlord and none of us could explain it but we hope that it didn’t have anything to do with the tiny grooves and blood splatters we found sporadically around the property!


If you’re looking for more London property creepiness, you can check out how we’re getting on in our new home. I wrote up all of our supernatural experiences in the house here.




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