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Hello lovelies,

As I have been mentioning and mentioning, I have been living at my desk for the last few weeks in preparation for my university exams which will symbolise the very end of my second year coming to a close. Because of this, I haven’t been going out and making and photographing great content for you guys so I am limited as to what I can post but, in the spirit of not wanting to break my posting streak, I thought I would just work with what I’ve got. Today we’re talking workspaces.

I am quite a tidy person but need a lot on my desk and so they’ve always been quite cluttered- usually with pens, notebooks, random bits of paper, sticky notes, you name it. But I recently experienced workspace envy when a lot of instagrammers revealed their desks. Often very clean and simple, spacious and inspirational. I cleaned up my act- and my desk.

As you can see, I have Sid meditating on the corner of my desk, some greenery of cute cacti and a plant which I forget the name of. I think it adds a touch of life to the dull workspace and I have not yet killed them which is as good a sign of hope as we’re ever going to get. I also have my filofax organiser on the right corner filled with to-do lists and plans that I must tick off throughout the day to stay on track. I also have friendly origami dragons because I’ve made hundreds, a few crystals because they’re earthly and, of course, my laptop.

As a firm believer in tidy place, tidy mind, I have attempted to have a minimalistic room and I’m glad that this urge spread to my workspace because I genuinely get more done now that there is actually room to sit and do stuff.

Wow this post was dull. Sorry guys, last desperate post before I finish uni,

Hannah x


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