Neom De-Stress Candle

I write this right after my very first experience of Neom. I have wanted to try Neom candles for a month or so, having realised that they were a lot safer and less sootier than normal candles. What I didn’t realise was that there is more to Neom than just candles. The candle I bought, quite aptly, was the scent to de-stress.

nom de-stress candle

Scent to De-Stress

The scent to de-stress is wonderful. I’m no expert on scents but the leaflet mentions lavender,¬†¬†jasmine & Brazilian rosewood. If I were to describe it, I’d say it is fresh and both a little sweet and sour, sharp to start with but very full and relaxing as it burns. Though Neom aren’t the most affordable candles, we have been burning ours for two hours a night and it’s gone down only ever so slightly so I think it’s pretty worth it.

The best thing about Neom candles is their natural ingredients. They burn thoroughly, evenly and without any soot. I love The White Company and Seychelles will always be my favourite but it burns one-sided and leaves black soot on the glass and smells awful when I blow it out. The Neom de-stress candle burns beautifully with no soot or black marks at all and I put it out with the lid so the smoke doesn’t take over the scent itself.

Neom also sell the de-stress candle in the jug package so that it is easier to make use of their essential oils for a soothing massage. They suggest burning the candle until a layer of oil reaches the top, putting out the flame and allowing the oil to cool a little before pouring some on the skin for a warm oil massage. What a clever way to make a candle double use!

I’m doing fairly okay with my resolution to de-stress at the moment. The last two weeks have actually been pretty stressful, I’m working for a few extra people at the moment so my working days feel a lot longer but I’ve still allowed myself a full weekend. I return home in the evening, do my extra work with a sweet coffee and then have a hot soak in a bubble bath, try a face mask, light this candle and just let the day melt off!

I definite recommend the Neom de-stress candle. Thanks for helping, Neom!


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