New Blog Tag & Category: Hannah’s Happy!

Hello lovelies,

This is just going to be a quick post about something which I have been thinking about adding to the blog. I want you guys to understand that when you commit to making a blog, either consciously or subconsciously, your posts and blog develops a genre and my blog is definitely beauty based. The issue with this is that I now have a duty to continue this genre for my readers.

However, there are lots more things which I would like to blog about- my opinions on the latest internet discussions or news and more posts about life and things which I have learned or think that you might find funny or interesting.

I have decided to dedicate some of my blog days to doing this. I will be rescheduling to upload blog posts on Wednesday and Sundays and will continue doing beauty and fashion but add more lifestyle posts which can be found under the category and tag of: Hannah’s happy.

I hope that you guys will continue to read and appreciate these posts and accept and support this growth,

Hannah x



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