NHS ‘Know Your Limits’ Rape Poster OUTRAGE

Hello guys,

I know that I have already posted today and there was no need for another but there’s something that I really wanted to talk about because it has come to my attention quite recently and I wanted to post this while it was still current.

Most of us are familiar with the NHS alcohol awareness campaign that tells us to ‘Know Your Limits’. Examples of this include the advert of people going out for a night out and looking completely disgusting by the end of the night. This post is about one of these posters in particular and that is this poster right here.



There are so many things so very wrong about this poster and it really made my blood boil and I couldn’t help but talk about it hence the additional post here.

First of all, the poster reads in a way that suggests that rape is a side effect of drinking too much alcohol. This, in turn, focuses on the idea (and accusation, in fact) that the responsibility for said rape should be shifted onto the victim rather than the rape offender. Do we not think that this is utterly inexcusable, entirely incorrect and hugely insensitive?

Additionally, in turn, this suggests that if you wish to be less of a target for rape you should not drink. NEWSFLASH: if a rape offender wants to rape, they will rape, regardless of how vulnerable you are. Whilst it is true that one is more vulnerable when drunk, why don’t NHS put their time to better use and, instead of blaming victims, talk to the mentally sick people who rape in the first place?!

On a side note, the NHS offers check ups to anyone who has been a victim of rape. A victim is able to visit any clinic and be seen to and given help after their ordeal. Plastering this poster in medical centres, hospitals and clinics will surely make any victim feel uncomfortable about asking for help, for fear that they might not be taken seriously or asked ‘But did you drink that night?’ Is the NHS suggesting that, had the victim not drunk alcohol, the incident would not have happened?

I am thoroughly disgusted that this poster is still circulating and am not the only one.

You can sign a petition to have NHS remove this victim blaming poster here: http://www.change.org/en-GB/petitions/jeremy-hunt-nhs-home-office-remove-all-copies-of-this-poster-and-stop-victim-blaming

Hannah’s NOT happy,

Hannah x




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