‘Not That Kind of Girl’ by Lena Dunham


Hello lovelies,

Having completed my ‘to read’ pile of books, last week I went out and picked up a few more and have just now finished the first one I chose. I seem late to the party with this book because it came out a few months ago in hardback but I prefer to wait for paperbacks as they’re my favourite.

I genuinely cannot stress how good this book is. It is essentially a handy guide to life for women written by a wonderful and courageous woman, Lena Dunham. Her narrative tone is comedic and, in parts, bittersweet. She is blunt, unapologetically honest and portrays an accurate depiction of the struggles of women today, especially when growing up with various confusions and anxieties.

I started reading this on the train back from Oxford and I felt as though it was some sort of challenge. I was glad to be sat with my boyfriend and not on my own because it made it a tad more acceptable to laugh until my cheeks turned red and, in the more touching recollections of Lena’s, let my eyes brim over and weep a little.

Lena covers many topics such as sex, dating, emailing, socialising as the ‘weird kid’, dieting, body confidence, self-esteem, friendship, sexuality, therapy, work and loss. I particularly enjoyed the work section and could both admire and relate to the hunger for success and what this can lead people to do.

To summarise, this book was hilarious, I don’t think I’ve laughed at something so well-written in a long time. I’ve not read anything like this and I genuinely think that every girl should own a copy- but maybe not read it until they’re comfortably in their teens as it did not fall short on sexual references!

I can’t believe I read this so quickly but I just know it will be a go-to for a pick me up!

Love it,

H x


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