Ode to 2015


Hello lovelies,

With week of Christmas celebrations in sights, I have been doing a lot of thinking, as one always does this time of year, about the new year, how I feel about the last year about to pass and what resolutions I should make based on what I have learned this year.

I can barely remember the beginning of this year, if I’m honest. Everything seems weirdly overshadowed by the last few months which, if I’m going to be perfectly honest, haven’t been so great. I don’t want this particular post to be about that though so I thought I would do an overview of 2015, what I experienced, what I achieved and my resolutions for 2016.

My timeline from Christmas last year:

Spent xmas with the family, was poorly from lack of eating over the Christmas period but morphine solution and a better diet sorted me out my the new year, I got healthy in January, explored Richmond park and new places in February, had my 20th birthday despite not being in a great place in March, wore red all April to support the Red My Lips campaign against sexual violence and spent some time at home, started to really love uni again, dyed my hair ombré, practiced and studied Buddhism in May and had my uni summer ball, I got artistic in June and went on an all girls holiday, in July my home house was sold and I was lost but I also went to Brighton for a bit, then I had to go home because my cat was missing but we found him and on my way back to London I met Ella Eyre and I got a new job. In August I explored London, found lots of cute new places, kickstarted my ‘what to do in London’ series on the blog and had lots of fun. In September, I went to the sky gardens and the Shard to overlook my beautiful city, I celebrated and I questioned what I do on the internet and I got a bit down and depressed for a while there. Then I cheered up a bit and became a boob expert and enjoyed my new job and then I celebrated Autumn in October and redecorated my house and adopted two kittens and visited the zoo and then in November, I just drank lots and ate lots and chilled and then I got sad again but still did cool stuff like the aquarium and dates and celebrated 2 year anniversary with Adam. December so far has seen me get rid of all of my stuff, adopt minimalism and sort out my deadlines and visit Birmingham with my friend and see family I haven’t seen in 7 whole months.

In 2015 I read: 10 books (by the 18th December so probably add more before 2016): Gone Girl, The Year I Met You, A Hundred Pieces of Me, If You Find Me, One Day, We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves, Not That Kind Of Girl, Dream A Little Dream, Me Before You and After You.

In 2016 I want to be happier. I want fewer down periods and I know that this is out of my control but a girl can dream. I want to read at least 12 books, one a month but preferably 24, two a month. I want to paint more. I want to walk and explore more. I want to have more outings be it just for coffee shop discoveries and budget markets. I want to work hard January to April at uni. I want to finish my book by February. I want to have contacted people about jobs by the end of March, be full-time employed by April and pack up in May and be moved house by June. I want to graduate in July and go on holiday in August. I want to be settled and feel at home by September and I want to go to a scary farm for Halloween in October and I want to feel festive and bright in November and have a merry little Christmas where I am truly happy next December. By this time next year I will be happy, healthy and, hopefully, have a job in publishing or writing. I know it sounds silly but I want 2016 to be the year that some of my dreams come true.

Goodbye to your foolery, 2015.

Be kind to me, 2016.

Hannah x



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