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Hello lovelies,

This will be my third post on the subject of ombré; the first being a ‘how to’ and the second being a ‘get chlorine green out of bleached hair’. I thought, seeing as I told you how to bleach, ketchup and basically destroy your hair, I should probably tell you how I bring my hair back to life again! Interested?

The ends of my hair have been utterly destroyed with bleach so there are a few things that I have to do and a few products I use in order to restore my hair to something shiny and resembling health.

The first thing I do, and I know you’re all going to moan in unison and not want to hear it but here goes… I cut it. This last time I ombréd my hair again, I needed to cut three whole inches off my locks because it was so brittle and frizzy and just broke off at the slightest touch. I am very impatient when it comes to matted unhealthy hair and would sooner lose some length of my hair to feel as though the ends of my hair are normal again. To those of you who are convinced there is another way, just know that it isn’t as devastating as you might think and your hair will recover and grow much easier if you can brave a chop!

In terms of immediate treatment for hair which has encountered peroxide, I would discuss the science of hair. Hair is mostly made up of keratin and when bleaching hair, you are effectively opening up the hair and exposing it to nasty stuff so keratin- and your hair kind of gets destroyed. Fortunately there are shampoos and conditioners which are made up of keratin and aim to replenish the stock as it were. Although I use a normal cleaning shampoo (only on my scalp and roots), I use the OGX Keratin conditioner. It smells lush, has a reasonably thick formula and once it sits on the hair for 5 minutes, does my barnet a lot of good!! I think I purchased it for around the £6 mark but Boots often does 3 for 2 promotions on haircare so you could always look out for that if you wanted to stock up!

It is advised to not use the Keratin conditioners for an extended period of time as the hair can become quite brittle. I read somewhere that you can stop using them when your hair is less elasticated when wet. (You know when you brush it and it all sort of stretches and pings back in a weird way?) So I rely on my old favourite to make sure my hair feels soft and shiny again as opposed to dry and thirsty. Aussie’s 3 minute miracle conditioner is the only hair product I really swear by. It smells incredible and I help myself to a large dollop every time I wash my hair. I leave it in for about 3 or 4 minutes before I rinse it out and it is always smoother, less tangled, easier to manage and softer. The hair becomes less matted and stops breaking off. This stuff really is a miracle and is averagely priced and worth it.

When it comes to blonde upkeep, I overlooked all the raving over the touch of silver purple products because they’re so cheap and picked up what my store had in stock and that just happened to be the John Frieda Go Blonder range. The formula is very yellow and aims to lighten the colour of hair so it is a few shades blonder. It does seem to work, my hair is definitely brassier and more copper coloured when I slack off from using this. I would just warn you that although hair is left feeling sleek and soft and well nourished in the shower when you rinse the product off, I found that it didn’t really condition my hair at all and it was actually kind of drying to the hair which is the last thing you want. My advice knowing this is to hold off from using this product for at least two weeks after bleaching your hair. Give your hair the nourishment it needs before you dry it out again. But I still recommend this product because it keeps my hair looking fresh! You can also combine this conditioner with another conditioner which I have done several times to balance out the damage.

Post conditioner, I have decided to try out a new product. As my hair is naturally oily I have never bought oils before now but as there was an offer on in Boots I picked up the OGX ‘Renewing Argan Oil of Morocco; Weightless Reviving Dry Oil’. It says to apply to towel dried hair and then blow-dry which I have done but I also towel dry my hair, apply this, comb it through and let it air dry and it works the same. It smells good and seems to does good- the ends of my hair are left frizz free and soothed. However, my bottle has been known to leak so I would be careful of that.

Now that I have pretty much told you my entire haircare routine, I think we can leave it at that. Blondes have more fun- but fake blondes have to work hard at maintaining it!

Hope this helps,

Hannah x


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