One Day by David Nicholls


Hello lovelies,

I have tried to maintain my good reading streak and have finally finished ‘One Day’ by David Nicholls. I don’t know why it took me such a long time to get round to reading this because every review seems to be incredibly positive. I was unsure how documenting 20 years of two individual’s life would work in novel form but it reads smoothly despite every passing of a year.

I loved it. It might have overtaken favourites such as ‘Wuthering Heights’ and ‘Delirium’! The story was an honest and touching portrayal of growing up and it keenly explored what happens to relationships and friendships throughout the years. We followed our protagonists through their successes and hardships with sympathy and eagerness.

I instantly related to Emma, a studious feminist and literary enthusiast, intrigued to see if she can make a difference in the world but I had some trouble attaching to Dexter- a confident if not cocky rich boy. However, like the book, the characters had many layers, both external and internal conflicts and so as you get to know Dexter more, you can see why Emma cares for him.

The letters of the protagonists were probably my favourite aspect of the book; a few of my book’s pages remain not so neatly folded so that I remember and can re read the ones that meant the most to me. The ending was hard hitting but, ultimately, just life and necessary for the resounding moral of the story: life is for living.

I adored this book and will probably adore it many more times- after my friends agree to read it too!

I can now join everybody else in recommending this modern love story, destined to be a classic. You have to read it!

Love, Hannah x


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