Optimism and Feeling Thankful

Hello lovelies,

I missed a week; that is two posts! I am sorry!

This week was just so mad and you wouldn’t believe me if I told you half the stuff that happened in my life this last week! So lets just leave that in the private space, away from the internet!

The last month has been equally difficult and enlightening. I want to talk to you about being appreciative and enjoying life and learning about the people you have in your lives and the roles that they play, both in your little bubble and in building your character and strength.

When you are at your busiest…that’s when you learn who makes time for you. I’ve been so busy lately and rushing around like a headless chicken and sometimes I have to stop and think and worry about whether I will have time to see anyone. But I haven’t lost anyone. I have a best friend who waits until I finish work at midnight and texts me for a cup of tea and a chat before we go to bed in the early hours of the morning. The same friend will come to my house in her pyjamas just to get into my bed and cuddle me when I need it. I have a different friend who knows what I have on my plate right now and has noted, every one of my lectures, what time and where on campus. She texts me to ensure I’m up and that I’m getting ready and meets me when we have classes together.

When you are in need…that’s when you learn who cares about you. I have a friend who is always on the end of the phone and who keeps an eye on me even when I don’t realise it and will knock at my door if she thinks I need someone. I can literally knock on her door, without saying anything, and reach my arms up and she’ll just hug me and fix it. I have another friend who will cook me a hearty meal when she thinks I need it and will be there to offer blankets and Disney films when I need some TLC.

When everything is hard…its the people that make things easy and simple that matter. These kind of people know you better than yourself and tell you what to drop and what to never let go of. These are the people who put things plain and simple when it all feels a bit chaotic for you to handle. These are the people that can put a smile on your face and have you laughing even when you’re being pessimistic and determined to remain grumpy.

When you get homesick…you realise how blessed you are. I was pretty bored of my hometown but now I miss its greenery and the fresh air. I miss my beautiful family who used to drive me insane with all their shouting and laughing and mess but now I just want to experience the mad house again. I know every single member of my family is just a phone call away and they literally are there for me whatever time of day it is.

When life appears to be giving us lemons we forget to look at the bigger picture. I’ve been worried about lots of things lately and everything keeps going wrong for me but if I pause, breathe and take a step back, I can see so much more clearly. I miss home and I haven’t been home for 4 months but my family are a wonderful unit of support and love and I have been blessed to have grown up where I did and I can’t wait to go back. I might not live in the nicest of neighbourhoods right now but I have a roof over my head, a warm house, a huge cosy bed with a lush feather duvet and lots of pretty things. I might feel busy and exhausted but I have money coming in from my jobs. I might hate doing my reading but I am one of the lucky people who get paid to study because someone saw some potential in me. I might feel lonely sometimes but I have the best, most genuine and caring friends in the world and they are my rocks and are just so beautiful inside and out and yet so modest and nonchalant.

Whilst moving away has taught me that life can get really difficult sometimes, it has also demonstrated to me that there will always be someone there and that it is often in times of need that you recognise who in your life is truly important and why you should always be appreciative and positive.

I just think that it is important sometimes, to sit yourself down and give yourself a reality check.

I am blessed and thankful.

What are you thankful for?

Hannah x


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