Paranormal Activity in Our Victorian Home?

I’m really into spooky things and I wholeheartedly believe in spirits and presences that can’t be explained but if you don’t follow me on Twitter you won’t have heard any of this! When you move to an older property, you know that it has a past! You expect the questions and oohs and ahs of people you know! What I didn’t expect was to actually experience some spooky stuff!


The first two weeks that we lived in this house were a little troubling! There were lots of times when I was more than a little scared and considered grabbing a few things and bolting! That being said, all of these things stopped and settled down after two weeks. Maybe disturbed something – the property had been empty for months, and they had to get used to us.


paranormal activity victorian house


Moving objects

On the second or third day in the new house, I had to pop out to the bins. I had just fed the animals and shut the door on the dining room and kitchen, where they were eating, so that they wouldn’t escape the open front door. When I came back inside, a small Yankee candle jar flew at my head. Annoyed, I picked it up and headed back up the stairs to the entryway and placed it back on the shelf where it belonged. Then I saw that it had to have been picked up to go over the bannister and fall down to the below floor where it hit me on the head. No windows were open, no one else was in the house and the three animals were still behind the dining room door. How did that candle get picked up and thrown?



For the first few weeks of being in the house, and now on the odd occasion, I had new dreams that I’ve never had before. I do have bad dreams regularly but they are usually the same bad dreams over and over that I’ve become accustomed to. These dreams were new, however. I kept dreaming that I had woken up in a fright, in the middle of the night, and knew that we were in danger. I kept having to run around the house, escaping something coming after me, as I tried to catch every animal and run out of the house. The dream is always characterised by an overwhelming urge to get everyone out. I have no idea what it’s about.


Lights out

Everything electric is acting weird in the new house but the lightbulbs especially. For the first two weeks, light bulbs lived very short lives! You would suddenly be plunged into darkness at any moment. I could be reading in the dining room when the chandelier lights go out. Many times, I turned on a light switch only to hear a loud bang as the bulb exploded. We were buying so many bulbs! When you’re already feeling anxious, your house plunging you into darkness loudly and randomly doesn’t help!


Cold spells

We knew a Victorian house would be cold. It’s also absolutely bloody massive. It’s a big space to heat and keep warm! But what I didn’t expect was the sudden cold spells. I was waking up in the middle of the night, feeling frozen to my core and petrified for no reason. I’d burrow into warm duvets and blankets or head to the heater in the bedroom to defrost and realise that actually the room isn’t cold, just spots of it are and then suddenly aren’t again. We have original bay windows so it could easily be cold drafts but these moments are the coldest I have ever been in my life.


The doors have a mind of their own

It happens less so now but when we first moved in, the doors would open and close randomly. The activity is especially strange upstairs, on the third floor at the very top of the house, where the staff of the house used to sleep. The bedroom door opens by itself slowly, with that awful creaking hinge sound you always hear in the movies. The doorknob also pings and makes weird noises even though it’s not in use. The walk in wardrobe door seems especially haunted. It opens itself.

The scariest occasion of this was after I’d showered one day in the first week. I headed from the bathroom to the bedroom and was drying and dressing when I heard a loud bang. Completely startled, I spun around to where the sound came from, behind the wardrobe door. I stared at it confused and then watched in horror as the latch unhooked slowly and the door slowly opened wide. It took everything I had to run at it and slam it shut. I locked everyone out the bedroom completely and demanded Adam check it out when he got home.

He couldn’t find anything that had potentially fallen on the door to make the banging and knocking sounds and he also couldn’t figure out how it was opening by itself but he let me put a chair in front of it for a few weeks. It made it easier to sleep, knowing nothing could get out!


General unease

From hearing footsteps upstairs in the bedroom and assuming it’s a pet until I realise they’re all with me in the lounge, to the shower scalding you with hot water and then freezing you with cold water over and over to the animals occasionally all bolting from a room to come and cower together behind me, strange things still happen but the house is definitely quieter now. I can only assume that whatever it was has gotten used to us!


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