Personalised Organisation at Work (Kikki K)

kikki k

I recently started a new job! It’s a real job, I’m a fully fledged and graduated adult trying to sustain a London living! For anyone interested, I work in a really hipster storage unit in a popular London borough (won’t say more in case anyone is familiar with it) but basically I work in social media and press. Aside from emails and whatnot I write about events and promote venues and run three blogs, one Linked In, two Facebooks, two twitters and two instagrams. Overwhelmed yet? Kikki K helps!

And, of course, on top of that I still try to maintain my own brand, everything Hannah’s Happy because I love what it is turning into!

So, I came up with a system of organisation that works for me and I thought I would share my tips on how to organise all those to-do lists you’ve been keeping in your head and how to put them on paper to effectively manage your workload.


Have more than one notebook 

Assign specific notebooks to specific areas of work so that you can better separate your ideas and to-do lists and don’t muddle things up. Different projects need to hold their own. For example, I have three separate notebooks from Kikki K for the three very different campaigns. The ideas, to-do lists and contacts for each blog go in their designated notebook and I get to mentally compartmentalise my work.


Carry a personal notebook always

Sometimes, I have so much on that I think a hundred thoughts a minute so I like to bullet journal in my leather notebook whenever I need to i.e. personal reminders, shopping lists, that kind of thing. Anything that doesn’t belong on one of the three blogs, for example, a scheduling plan goes in the notebook, personal or work related, I jot down meetings and personal plans. Kikki K do wonderful notebooks that break up the pages every so often with some quotes or arty pages.

kikki k

Order things chronologically

Whenever you’re jotting things down, remember to do so in a clear manner. Bullet things in order of their priority, time-urgency and remember to date them so you can visualise exactly what you need to do and when. Clearly cross things out once you have done them. Anything you don’t manage to complete you should mark neatly on the next day’s task list.


Make it fun

Your daily life, though largely ruled by our profession, doesn’t have to be all work and no play. Since you spend most of your day at work, you don’t need any more of an excuse to treat yourself to a bit of office stationary here and there! Everything pictured above is from Kikki K, the Swedish brand I have raved about before. Offering a beautiful range of colours, patterns and fabrics, Kikki K is one of the most charming stores for office supplies ever and my absolute favourite.

I hope that this helps in some way. Organisation is a lot like revision in that it is different for everybody; we all manage things in different ways. The important thing is that we try our best to be kind to ourselves, find a system that works for us and minimise our stress as much as possible.

Stay busy,


Lots of love,

H x


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