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Home decorating is getting underway now and I’m a little bit in my element. Our house, since it was a brand new typical city apartment was a little plain when we moved in. Big white walls, lots of white actually and we love it but even after we had furniture and flowers, something was still missing. Prints.

We needed more colour and we needed it to go upwards. Adam and I have always talked about how we wanted the house to look and now we have the plans to actually do it. One of the things we always wanted was a collage wall. Well, I’ve started!

I was online browsing some prints from a variety of places and settled on a few to get us started.


Prints For A Dreamy Bedroom

We have two moon prints because (as we all know) I adore everything spacey. The first is the lunar phases and the second, La Lune, is my favourite of the two. The colours and shading of the moon are beautiful. Adam and I are going hotel chic with the bedroom which means lots of clean lines and neutral colours.  I’m going to do a piece on redecorating the bedroom for £150 soon!

Those dreamy prints are for the bedroom. The others are for the lounge.


Prints For The Lounge

We started decorating the walls with mirrors first but colour was definitely necessary. I’ve been in love with the sea all my life and when I saw this print in the most vivid blue with bubbling white sea foam, I knew I had to have it immediately! This is the largest print I have bought so far. Adam and I plan on getting a bigger one and know what it is we want but haven’t gotten around to getting it yet.
This print instantly brightens the whole room. Our flat is very white, black, grey and wood with a lot of blue hints around. The plates are ombre blue and we have blue vintage style kitchen appliances. The desk has a vintage blue typewriter, the floor a blue and white rug and our ornaments are blue too so it only made sense to start the centre piece of the collage wall with this blue print.


The slightly smaller print in rose gold frame is a Carrie Bradshaw quote. I confess to never having watched ‘Sex in The City’ (or is it Sex And The City?) but I adored this phrase so I had to buy it.
The smallest print is probably the one that best fits me! Nothing characterises my look more than my winged eyeliner and I never feel quite right without it and a bad morning is one where I can’t get them even! I love this print and how it matches our decor.

I can’t wait for our collage wall to grow.

Print credit goes to Desenio who provided excellent service!


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