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Hello lovelies!

I know I have previously done an ombre haircare post but, as I went home without my haircare products, I had to try something new and I managed to pick up the ‘Touch of Silver’ shampoo and intensive conditioner for bleached blonde hair. I actually found them in Savers, next door to our New Look back home, for £1.99! What a bargain! I don’t think they’re priced particularly high anyway, on a normal day, so they’re cheaper than the other products I have anyway which is always a plus if they work and save me money.

First thing is first, the bottles are smaller than usual shampoo and conditioners so I really wasn’t sure how many uses I was going to get out of them. However, upon using them three or four times now I can say that, despite being generous with the shampoo, it has barely gone down at all yet the conditioner empties quickly. The packaging is good though, the lids snap shut and don’t leak so I guess these two factors combined make the products good to travel with- I brought them in my weekender bag back to London because I want to continue using them.

The shampoo itself resembles Willy Wonka purple goop, runnier than the typical texture of shampoo so tends to get everywhere which isn’t fabulous but does rinse off easily if you get it soon enough. The shampoo does lather and gets lighter than the colour it comes out of the bottle as. It does lather but not as much as typical shampoo so I believe I used a lot more of this shampoo than I usually would. My ombre starts near my ears so I have been using Pantene shampoo on my scalp and the touch of silver where my ombre starts and down through the lengths of my hair.

The shampoo has to be left on for five minutes which I am not used to so I kind of got bored here and opened my spotify to sing a ballad. Then you rinse it off and go ahead and use the intensive conditioner, the texture of which is actually normal like an average conditioner but lilac. You can leave this on for however long you want but it suggests 10 minutes for particularly damaged hair so I left it on for the whole time, shaving my legs and singing along to some Banks tunes for a bit before rinsing off.

Within three washes, my white blonde ends are brighter and the middle bit of my gradual ombre has gone from  light brown to copper so hopefully a few more washes should remove the brassy orange tones completely to maybe a dirty blonde, who knows, I may write another update post.

In short, it has lightened my blonde tones in places, it smells pretty good, my hair feels clean and this stuff is so easy to get your hands on and incredibly modestly priced! I don’t think you can lose with this product. In comparison to my John Frieda Go Blonder, I would say that they’re equal but with different advantages. The John Frieda Go Blonder works better but can be drying to my hair whereas with Provoke Touch of Silver, it is the shampoo that does a little work before the conditioner repairs and nourishes.

Another recommendation for you ladies,

Hannah x



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    February 23, 2016 / 2:34 pm

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    • February 29, 2016 / 12:01 pm

      Hey there, I’ve looked into your products and they’re all for blonde hair. I actually no longer have blonde hair right now and so wouldn’t be able to promote your product to the standard it deserves. Nevertheless, thanks for contacting me! Hannah x

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