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Hello lovelies,

I know I haven’t stuck to my publishing schedule this month and anyone coming to the end of a university term will understand the stress. I’ve had lots of ideas and have took it upon myself for the next few hours to work solidly on my blog and scheduling in a way which allows my blog to run smoothly while I continue my study holiday!

As a quick post now, I thought I would take you through a typical day of mine, in light of an upcoming post about how I run my blog and do everything else- which is looking slightly ironic and beyond amusing right now seeing as I have failed miserably this month! I have chosen this one day simply because the photos were available to me easily, removing the task of editing. (Note that the goal here is just to get something up and blog moving along nicely again so bear with me).

This particular day was beautiful, you know when the sun creeps into your room to wake you up gently? It was that. Either this was super lovely or I was just high on the fact I had finished an assignment. Anyway, I got up, dressed into my genie pants- which are by the way amazing. They’re kind of like socially acceptable pyjamas; they are so comfy but so chic I love it and I want more- preferably a pair in every colour and style! I took a stroll to campus in the sunshine and headed straight for the drop in boxes, handed in another essay and rewarded myself with coffee. Then I came straight back and started revision.

Currently, I have revised all topics for suspected questions for one exam and need to do some reading and organisation for the other exam before returning back to this one to do exam time prep etc. I know what you’re thinking- that was a dull post. Yup. Life is pretty dull and repetitive right now but I wish any of you- at uni or otherwise, taking exams good luck!

Hannah x

P.S. my snapchat is happyhannahlou for those who want more dull updates.



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