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Hello lovelies,

I bought a miracle complexion sponge instead of replacing an old foundation brush about september time last year so I feel like I have definitely been using this product a long enough time to give a detailed and informative review!

I am not really a fan of sponges in general so I had my doubts with this product but it claimed to be the best applicator and I didn’t want to pass up on trying one out. I’ve learned, of course, that I was using sponges in an entirely different way than how this product is intended to be used so listen up!

If you’re using wet foundation then hold the sponge under a running tap and squeeze out the excess water so that you use the sponge damp to apply your foundation. If you’re using dry foundation (what is that?) then use it dry.

Pump your foundation on the back of your hand and dab the flat side of the sponge into it to start and then repeatedly dab the sponge onto your cheeks, forehead and chin until you have covered these areas with foundation. For less coverage, you can use the sponge in a wiping motion but I haven’t found this to be a particularly desired application or effect so I recommend for both a smooth application and more coverage that you gently push the sponge onto your face rather than wipe it across your skin. I only use the wiping motion on my neck to blend everything in.

Use the rounded sides of the sponge on your cheekbones and sides of your face between your eyes and hairline. Use the pointed end of the sponge to apply concealer under the eyes and around the nose. The whole point of the oddly shaped sponge is to get a perfect fit in all the different parts of your face and so I use the end for eyes and nose area.

The finish is gorgeous, really natural, really subtle, it doesn’t cake the foundation on and really blends it better than I have ever managed to before. I feel like brushes can leave brush marks and irritate the skin. Using your fingers as applicators is good because the warmth breaks down the make up making it easy to blend but I always just sweep gaps into the coverage which is not what I’m going for. This sponge (and probably others to be fair) gives such a perfect finish, I’m so impressed every time I do my make up.

In terms of wearing, I find that I need to wash the sponge every week and replace it entirely with a new one every few months. Thats a big aspect I wanted to raise with this product. It is so difficult to wash a sponge, it is actually a little bit ridiculous. I use an anti-bacterial soap and wet the sponge before working the soap right into it, squeezing the soap and old foundation out as hard as I can grasp it and then rinsing it off in warm water and repeating all the steps over and over for about ten minutes until no colour runs out of the sponge when you squeeze it. With my first sponge, I squeezed so hard that my nails broke into the sponge and left little holes so be careful of that and squeeze with fingers not nails! I just don’t think this product is practical in terms of long-term cleaning it and keeping it and its probably super unhygienic.

The fact that you do have to replace it is probably another reason not to buy the product. I think they’re around £6 or something so that every couple of months is a bit much when you can spend £10 on a foundation brush that will last you, at minimum, a year, washes better and maintains its quality. So the maintenance of this is probably something to consider.

Also, you can’t store these sponges in your make up bag to be honest. If you think about it, that would be putting something damp into a bag of other stuff and the fact that it is left damp is probably also not great if we’re talking about hygiene. Not sure how I feel about that.

So, to summarise, I love the shape, the concept, the application, the perfect finish that it gives you. It’s the best foundation applicator I have ever used. That being said, it’s kind of expensive for a disposable product, it gets dirty quickly, is really impossible to clean out and the connotations of having something laying around damp which you use every day on your face are gross so you really do have to repurchase a new sponge regularly. But, I have to admit, despite it being the cheaper alternative, I have not yet returned to using my brushes over this sponge so the good qualities must outweigh the negative for me.

I guess you just need to decide for yourself if you can commit to repurchasing this on the regular, but I definitely think everyone should at least buy one just to try it and see for yourself the results that you’re buying into!

Hope this was helpful!

H x


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