Indoor Air Pollution: What is it, How Can we Reduce it?

Indoor air pollution, though it may be hard to believe, can be worse than outdoor pollution! Statistics suggest that most of us spend 90% of our time indoors. If you work from home, air pollution can be a big problem but the good news is that you have more control than most over it. When you work at an office, you have slightly less control over your work environment but there are still things you can do.


indoor air pollution


What causes indoor air pollution?

Indoor air pollution is caused by a number of things. Learning about what causes air pollution is the biggest way we can identify problem areas in our homes and offices and combat the problem. Some causes of air pollution are quite general such as dust, chemicals from general household cleaning products and gas from gas cookers. Others are more specific, including smoke, carbon monoxide and ozone (often found in the greener cleaning products!) Bored already? Me too. Basically, it seriously cuts your life short and causes all kinds of health problems but here’s what you can do for an easy fix!


Air your home out daily

I hate this step, especially in the winter but it is the easiest way to reduce your air pollution! Fling open all the windows and release as much of your indoor air pollution for as long as you can stand the chill! Fresh air never did too much harm! You’ll notice that your home immediately feels so much better and cleaner so, to be honest, this is my lazy girl instant cure!


Fill your home with plants

Botanical interiors are always in so you’re in for a treat. Filling your home with plants is a great way to reduce your indoor air pollution. Don’t fill your home with just any old plants though – you want to get the most effective plants there are, or you’ll have to buy hundreds! Since NASA are experts are being locked inside the same rooms with no air flow, they’ve announced the top air cleaning plants and there’s a really helpful list here.


Make simple changes in your daily routine

Swap out your general household cleaning products for more natural substitutes or ones with less harmful chemicals. Make sure to properly ventilate the kitchen when you cook or to open a window after burning a candle. Depending on your air quality, invest in a good humidifier or dehumidifier. Wash bedding weekly and hoover twice a week.


I know it’s a boring subject but since most of my readers have their own place and/or work from home, it is important! Especially if you also happen to, like me, live in London which basically means you can never get away from pollution. Happy days!





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