Revision, BBQs and Frigby 2015


Hello lovelies,

I feel kind of weird doing vlog blog collages of what I have been up to but because I am so bogged down with exam week at university right now, I feel like I only have time to post what I have images and footage of so I am super sorry but at the end of this week it will all be over and I can produce quality content again!

As you can see the images above represent my life in its current state: oversized jumpers with the most incredibly round tortoiseshell shades to hide my under eye circles, little sleep, a lot of studying for my exams, a BBQ in the glorious weather which London offered us recently and Frigby. I’ll start at the beginning.

A couple weeks ago, my flatmates and I decided to make good use out of the sunshine-and our garden, to have a BBQ. Did you know that ASDA sell disposable BBQs for just £2?! A student’s dream! We had burgers, hot dogs and slightly undercooked potato salad (the latter was my doing of course). It was glorious and I’m rather happy that I got a slight tan before shutting myself away for study.

Of course, I have been revising, I practically live at my desk now. Revision cards and coloured pens are the one whilst timed exam preparation runs are not. All in the name of a first degree, am I right? So, naturally, I look shitty but am LOVING that current fashion allows me to disguise this in baggy sweaters, leggings and oversized shades.

This weekend just gone was a university football event where the two biggest colleges go up against each other and we are separated in stalls, clad with warpaint of college colours and team tees, drunk at breakfast and chanting by midday. It was all rather early and a bit of a blur and I was hungover and in bed eating/sleeping on top of an 18inch pizza and a very patient boyfriend by 4pm.

All too soon it was back to revising. I am about 90% prepared for my first exam and 20% prepared for my second so you cannot keep me long!

Looking forward to a summer of freedom and wishing all you student readers good luck in your own exams!

Keep on keeping on,

Hannah x


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