Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation Review

image1xlHello lovelies!

So the other day I decided to get a new foundation for winter and went shopping with certain preferences in mind- a light foundation, not too heavy, easy to apply and somewhat moisturising so that my skin didn’t get dried out this season.

I picked up this! Rimmel London’s ‘Match Perfection, Light Perfecting, Radiance Foundation’.

This is probably one of the first foundations where I have been able to pick one up in the shop, go through a few testers and find a colour that suited me perfectly. I picked up 103 ‘True Ivory’ as I am always a lot paler in the winter season. I can see why they named it ‘Match Perfection’!

The packaging is simple but effective and the pump is super useful to gauge how much foundation is right for you and also a lot less messy than foundations with no pump.

First thing is first: application. This foundation is a really light formula, almost runny in consistency. This means that it can be applied and blended in really quickly and easily and sits nicely on my face. I really don’t like how long it takes to work in heavy foundations so this light texture was perfect for me.

It also claims to be enhanced with blue sapphires in order to illuminate your face and create a look of radiance. It certainly does appear to brighten up my skin and give it just enough of a healthy glow. Its also SPF 18 which is always a bonus as it protects my skin. It lasts, for me, up to 8 hours and I’m happy with that.

There is a lot less shimmer to this formula than Rimmel London’s ‘Wake Me Up’ foundation which is a bonus. I feel like the ‘Wake Me Up’ formula only works for me in the summer when I am tanned and the sun works with my foundation. In the winter time, I find that the shimmer in ‘Wake Me Up’ is entirely too much. This is a softer foundation that aims to match your skin tone so it’s perfect for the winter.

It doesn’t try to look like make-up either. It evens out my skin tone but my skin still looks like natural. The Match Perfection foundation gives a very natural finish which I think is important because I never like to look like I’ve overdone my make-up! (And let’s be honest: who can be bothered to try to keep a full face of make-up on in the windy season?)

In terms of coverage, this means, as it’s a light formula and aims to look natural, it doesn’t give as much coverage as other foundations. If you need more coverage then you might seek an alternative foundation but this coverage works for me.

The price is also particularly attractive- at £6.99 I will keep purchasing this until another favourite takes its place!


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