Rimmell ‘Wake me up’ foundation review

P1010390I am very excited to be reviewing this product because it has been my favourite ‘go to’ foundation for months now! I purchased this product shortly after purchasing the NARS ‘Sheer Glow’ foundation and so I was a little sceptic about going back to a high street brand.


In my opinion, this particular high street foundation is fantastic. After using many products from Collection, Maybelline and Rimmel’s other foundations on the market, I can safely say that this ‘Wake Me Up’ foundation is my definite favourite!rimmel_wake_me_up_3

I have quite dark circles and a dull complexion the majority of the time and the first thing you notice just by picking up the bottle is that this foundation has a slight shimmer to it. This put me off a bit as I didn’t want to look like a 90’s toddler playing dress up with glittery cheeks! But after much deliberation I still went ahead and purchased this product and the shimmer is barely noticeable on my skin. It serves the purpose of brightening my complexion and makes me look a bit more alive, achieving it’s ‘Wake Me Up!’ effect!

The texture and consistency of the foundation also appealed to me. It’s quite light and a lot runnier than previous foundations I have used. This means that it can be applied both easier and quicker. I typically put just one pump onto the back of my hand and dabble my Mac foundation brush in it before lightly skimming it across my skin. Quick! Easy! Simple!

imagesThe fact that it is such a light foundation means that it doesn’t dry out my skin. I find it to be quite moisturising which is quite an important factor for me, personally, as I have sensitive skin prone to dryness. It might not be as flattering to oily skin though.

As with all Rimmel products, the smell is delicious! It’s kind of fruity and fresh further reinforcing the ‘Wake Me Up’ effect promised on the packaging!

Overall, I adore this foundation and I will definitely be purchasing a lighter shade to continue using in the winter months!

The only negative thing I can say about this foundation is that the thin and light texture of the product may compromise coverage. This isn’t a problem for reasonably clear skin because it does enough to even one’s skin tone still, it just doesn’t hide blemishes. However, with a touch of concealer it’s perfectly fine!

I highly recommend!!

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