Rough Journeys Make Beautiful Things



Hello lovelies,

If you keep up with me regularly you will have seen footage of my holiday in Spain and how excited I was to find this beautiful sea glass among the pebbles along the shorefront. They’re such pretty colours; various shades of green, white and blue- all very in keeping with sea colours of course. They’re so smooth, worn by the sand and rocks. I was feeling a tad inspired by them really.

Once upon a day these were glass bottles. Some sea glass we discovered to still have the stamped imprint of beer brand! These were drinks enjoyed by other people, perhaps doing the same thing we were- drinking with friends at a beach bar, thoroughly happy and considerably intoxicated.

Perhaps they came from far away, maybe not. But they’ve been smashed, dropped, lost, taken to sea, split into pieces, sent in different directions, washed up on shores, buried among sand and stones, grazed and sanded until all the rough bits are smooth and the sharp edges are soft and friendly to touch. Then they were picked up by someone who found them beautiful and wanted to keep them. Perhaps their counterparts were picked up by many different people, all seeing the beauty in something that was otherwise dull. I wouldn’t take a beer bottle home.

The rough journey made it into something else, a fragment of what it once was, changed and perfected, spotted and collected.

I can predict what they once were. The familiar green tint of coca cola bottles and the blue water glasses I had been given plenty of at a variety of nearby restaurants.

Anyway, it just got me thinking about how people change and how their journey has good patches and rough times and we’re not the same person we were before these experiences. We lose bits of ourselves just like the bottles get smashed and broken up into pieces. The sea glass I’ve picked up has lost parts of itself along the way but it still shares a resemblance to its past. We, too, get sanded down and perfected and our rough edges get smoothed out and it may seem that we are being carved into smaller people than we once were by losing certain characteristics and beliefs along the way but we aren’t. We started as something big to be chipped and worked into the finished product. The one we pride and put on the shelf for everyone to see.

Rough journeys create beautiful things.

Just a thought,

Hannah x


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