Sally Hansen Miracle Gel UV Polish


Hello lovelies,

Long time, no manicure!

I haven’t been buying or reviewing any beauty products lately, mainly because I have been an absolute mess between university exams and house hunting and packing and the like. This post will go up way in the future but today I have two more final exams left and as a revision break decided to try out some gel paint.

I am really heavy handed and also don’t like fussy products. I like to do manicures for events but really I get annoyed when my nails chip within a matter of minutes so when drugstore affordable brands started launching gel polishes to DIY at home, I could not resist!

I went for Sally Hansen for two reasons: I bought this paint in the new year and they were the first brand I spotted that had launched them and secondly, most of their polishes are three polishes in one (bottom coat, colour and top coat) and that’s just easier for me so I swear by them.

So when you buy these you will buy two polishes at the first purchase and then colours only thereafter. You paint your nails as normal with the colour you choose and then you paint with the top coat polish afterwards which just comes in a black bottle so you don’t get confused with your colours.

Firstly, the packaging is pretty standard, easy bottles to hold in your hand while you paint your own nails and with the bottle shape you get  a lot of product for your money! The brush is quite thick, the solution is thick enough that you could easily get away with only one coat of colour, though I tend to brush off the excess paint and double coat my nails. The pigment is good, as I said, I advise two thin coats but the brush and formula would do fine with one thick coat if you’re in a rush.

The top coat is clear but if you accidentally nudge it or just have a play on your skin first, you will notice that the paint goes thick and stringy once it sets. This adds to the strength of the manicure, hence gel manicures lasting a really long time before chipping!

I especially enjoy the top coat because I find that it smooths over any mistakes I might have made in colour and just gives a strong, smooth and thick coverage of the nail. The polishes dry really quickly but I would just urge caution so that you don’t knock them accidentally for a good hour just because the better the paint sets, the stronger the manicure and the longer use you’ll get out of it! We all want the longest lasting manicure so we don’t have to go through painting our nails all over again, right?

The gel then activates in normal sunlight so I suggest you either sit by a window, like I do or even take 10 in the garden post manicure. I really do urge that you do make use of the sunlight because obviously that is how the gel strengthens and sets itself!

I have had my manicure for a few days now and no chips, I have been using the paint for months and have typically found that I chip after a week or so which, although it isn’t the three weeks gel polish promises, it is still an absolute miracle (miracle gel! haha) since usually my nails chip on the same day of manicure.

The colour range has expanded since I bought my first colour so I recommend visiting your local Boots for summertime! (This colour is ‘Street Flair’ in case you were wondering).

Very impressed, Sally Hansen,

Hannah x


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