September Blues? No Thank You!

Hello lovelies,

I think, with the exception of January, September is that one month in the year where people start getting a bit glum. It’s like the post-holiday depression infects everyone and the return of a proper schedule of full days when going back to school and work kicks in and everyone pulls on their autumn clothes, faces the chill and mopes about their duties. Everybody also seems quite stressed at the moment and stress can really wear you down which is the last thing you want for your body and immune system considering fresher’s flu and general colds will start to circulate.

As the self-confessed ‘happy’ person, I thought I would tell you what is cheering me up this month.

  1. Tea in the morning. As the mornings are a little chillier now, getting myself out into the world is not appealing. So lately, I have been getting up, going downstairs and making a cup of tea and then going back to my bed for half an hour to just snuggle and drink tea and break myself into the day slowly. Don’t be so hard on yourself in the morning.
  2. Slippers. I will pad about the house, doing chores and various bits and bobs, in my fluffy slippers for as long as I possibly can before having to put shoes on and go outside.
  3. Coffee on the go. I’m tired lately and super busy so I bought a cute little plastic coffee cup shaped flask from Urban Outfitters. Coffee is a gift of the Gods.
  4. Reading. I take a book with me for the journey to and from work so that I don’t feel like I am wasting my time as it takes 45 minutes to get there. This is also a good time to text and call everybody back which I am usually bad at doing.
  5. Cuddles. As the nights get colder, what more excuse do you need to steal a hug from someone?
  6. Hot bean bags. I have this big microwavable bean bag and lately, whenever I get the chance to sit and chill (or during laptop time like now, for instance), I place the hot beanbag on my neck and shoulders to ease my aches and pains. It’s lush. Everybody should own one.
  7. Hot chocolate. Get some instant mix or use a coffee machine, either works for me. I confess to you, I have even been adding whipped cream and marshmallows on top. It soothes the soul, guys.
  8. Make up free and moisture mask days. If you catch me on a day off or, more likely, a few hours off, I can almost guarantee that my make up will be off and a moisture mask will be on, eye cream included! Right now, my face is more tired than I am and make up on tired eyes should be illegal!
  9. TV. In my opinion, television gets so much better during Autumn and Winter. When I am not working late shifts, I really enjoy getting cosy and catching up on my favourite shows and sometimes I even home manicure whilst I watch TV. I welcome the return all my favourite programmes in the next month including ‘Revenge’ and ‘I’m a Celebrity, Get me Out of Here’.
  10. Bed. The nights are coming on darker and earlier now and it is okay to spend your spare time in bed. Just get comfortable and snuggled up, your duvet is your shelter.

Everybody take a hot chocolate into bed right now and prop yourself up well on plenty of pillows, breathe in…breathe out…and repeat after me: we WILL get through September!

Stay strong,

Hannah x


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