September Favourites

Hello lovelies!

Is it too late to post a September favourites at the beginning of October? I don’t know but I’m going to do it anyway because I said this would be a series and I cannot fail at one month!

This month has been kind of sunny but with cold breezes and rainy showers. It has been a little stormy at times and, as always, incredibly busy. It has been the month of going back to university and getting back in the routine of things; namely early mornings, lectures, readings, work and trying to get enough sleep. It has also seen the start of my autumn clothes shopping because, as the weather changes, I have started to need waterproof shoes and warm clothes.
Without further ado, here is what I have been loving for the last month:


Accessorize Black Studded Shoulder Bag

I think I mentioned that I bought a new bag recently as incentive to go about my day and to jazz things up a little bit. I wanted a shoulder bag specifically because I am sick of carrying heavy bags on the crook of my arm. It hurts to do so and is actually really impractical when you require the use of both arms in life. This is from last year’s stock I believe but I got it online for just £14 and it is strong and sturdy and I like it. It holds folders and A4 pads and even my laptop so it is perfectly adequate for my every day use.

Urban Outfitters Lace Insert Knit Jumper

This was just too cute to not buy, warm and snug and just looks amazing. I’ve worn it far too much this month, hence it ending up in my favourites. It featured in my last haul so I described it better over there. But basically its black and white knit, a little frayed to look worn and the lace panels just make it.

New Look Chelsea Boots

I was in need of something warmer which covered my feet and protected them from wet weather. I meant to buy chelsea boots last year but I never got round to it. I think these were around £24 and they’re super cute and comfortable and I have pretty much lived in them since I bought them.

The Body Shop: Coconut Hand Cleanse Gel 60ml

I ran out of hand gel recently and public transport makes me cringe so it is a definite necessity, if not a random favourite. One of my friends mentioned that The Body Shop do the best hand gel because it doesn’t smell like alcohol or too strong, it smells fruity and nice. So I had a little dig and chose coconut. There was no particular reason why I chose coconut but I did and I have enjoyed using it over the normal ones I have always used.

Paperchase Writing Set

My grandparents have been down and ill recently so, as I cannot see them to cheer them up as I live so far away now, I have been showing them support in different ways; mainly by posting things to them. I have, so far, sent them books to read and jewellery and origami dragons. I love receiving letters (not that I do very often) and I think it is such a shame that no one handwrites anymore so I thought I’d give it a go.

Clinique Moisture Surge Moisturiser

I have mentioned this in several posts but hey ho, I will continue to mention it until I find something that beats it- which I haven’t yet! It is just so good, feels like a smooth mask on your face, well and truly hydrates your skin and leaves it silky smooth and healthy. I won’t go on anymore because I’ve said so much in other posts already but I love it. I finished my third pot of the stuff the other day so the one photographed here is brand spanking new and I can’t wait to delvee into it’s goodness!

Delilah Dust Druzy Necklace

I don’t think the main photo is very good and it doesn’t show the necklace so I took the liberty of taking another photo to show you guys.


Its basically a crystal druzy necklace, slightly purple in colour, silver backed on a silver chain. I think it’s really pretty and looks lovely on collared blouses or even on a plain outfit to just make it that bit more special. I got this from an online shop called ‘Delilah Dust’ if you want to go over and check them out. It took a long time to get here- nearly a month! because they’ve been having some issues but, when they appear to be all sorted and back to normal again, I recommend you check them out if you’re into crystals and pretty stones.

So that’s everything I have been loving throughout September!

Hannah x


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