September Favourites!

P1010495Hello lovelies, it’s the end of the month which can only mean one thing: I sit and tell you all of the products I have been using and loving this month and we compare it to my predictions at the beginning of the month!

First of all, as predicted, I used both my Rimmel ‘Wake me up’ foundation and my Rimmel ‘Stay matte dual action’ concealer to both conceal the dark circles and bruises of my fresher’s week late nights and mishaps and to even my skin tone. God only knows what I would have looked like without these two products!

Also as predicted, my planner came in handy! I had to keep on top of what I was doing when and (although I was still, for the most part, quite clueless, forgetful and dependent on my flat rep) I kept this in my bag or on my desk to refer back to and note down what books I needed to read for when and where I had to be every night!

I incorrectly predicted that I would be loving my black suede wedges from New Look this week BUT I wore heels once (when we went out to a racecourse) and after that my feet were too sore and cut up  to even consider wedges. I found myself bandaging up my feet and wearing flats to all other events which probably isn’t as on trend as I’d have liked but my feet couldn’t take much more!

I actually didn’t use my Rimmel Apocalips lip lacquer either; instead I used my Clinique ‘chubbystick’ in the colour ‘Chunky Cherry’ because it was easier to apply and more moisturising to my lips which (probably due to both alcohol consumption and dehydration) were very dry and sore this week!

My September favourites not predicted but well used and well-loved include: Nina Ricci perfume which I wore every single night out, my Prince London watch which helped me stay on track and on time, my Herstyler Baby Curl curling wand which I used most nights to get some volume in my hair and last but not least, Benefit’s ‘They’re Real’ mascara which I picked up samples from during Fresher’s fair and instantly loved!

It’s been a good month for make up favourites!

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