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Hello lovelies,

I recently went to a poster sale on my university campus. It was part of the fresher week activities except I didn’t make use of them as a fresher nor a second year but hey- it’s never too late! I picked up two posters and I will make a post about the other one in due time as it is, quite rightly, about happiness.

This poster lives, as you can see, above my bed. It makes me feel relaxed, it’s so serene and perfect and the purple, whites and blues are all soothing colours. I’m starting to chat shit. Anyway…

It occurred to me that if you’re going to make any effort with any part of your home decor, it should probably be your bed. If you’re the average person then you’ll spend about one third of your life there. If you’re a student, or like me, you spend at least one half of your life there as that is where you read, study, write from and watch netflix!

It should be comfortable. So go ahead and flip that mattress. (Yeah, that’s a thing you do to reset the springs, you should try it if you’ve noticed it’s lumpy and your back aches!) Get a decent mattress topper and your favourite kind of duvet and pillow. (Mine is squishy. And feather. I realise that might not be moral but I got it for free from my lovely nan and it’s warm and squishy and the best thing ever and I just sincerely hope that these feathers were collected in an animal friendly way). Cushions can be expensive. Buy six pillows instead. (Did you know IKEA sell pillows for as little as £1?!)

Get yourself a piece of art that’s quiet and soothing to look at. I’m pretty sure this only cost me £4. (I’d get it framed if I had the money and knew where to do that). Then hang it next to your bedside.

I’m so pleased with this. Everyone should have one. Why have I only just discovered how much one picture can change the atmosphere of a room?! My room went from harsh and empty to soothing and cosy in a matter of minutes!

Hannah x


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