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I am onto book number 6 of my goodreads 20 for 2016 challenge! I write this on the 12th of February, a few hours after I have put the book down. I thought I would give a short review of Sharp Objects for you guys, just in case you don’t follow my goodreads and are into books!

After the success of ‘Gone Girl’, I read ‘Sharp Objects’ hoping for the same kind of thriller with a plot twist and wasn’t disappointed.
Sharp Objects was fast paced from the get go and I read it in two sittings. Flynn seems to write in a fragmented way sometimes, which at first seemed to break the flow but, in hindsight, was probably intentionally crafted and added to the twists and turns of the book.
The characters in Sharp Objects are some of the most detailed, complex and intricate I have ever had the pleasure of reading about. Adora was so curiously wicked and Amma so devilish and manipulative. The importance of words was so clever especially those that flashed up in the protagonists mind in response to her surroundings.
Camille Preaker has been sent from Chicago reporting job to write about a case in her home town of Missouri. She reluctantly returns home in order to get the scoop of two girls who have been abducted, strangled to death and had all of their teeth pulled out. Initially detached, Camille set about getting the police to say something on record that she could publish but the longer she stayed there, the more she knew that something was very wrong and began to investigate and question more and more people.
As Camille discovers secrets of the sleepy town, we too, as readers, discover secrets of Camille’s, her past, her tragedies and the vices she is still recovering from.
Without giving anything away, I was pleased with the plot twist, the dark answer of the murders was incredible and the second plot twist was just overdoing it!
Sharp Objects is another book that I enjoyed in a disturbed way and one that will no doubt haunt me.
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