Shoreditch Nomadic Gardens

Hello lovelies,

I love blogging about magical places in London, it’s one of my favourite things ever to discover them. If there’s one thing I have learned over the last three years it’s: explore side streets! Whenever you get a chance!


The other day, after a stroll around Shoreditch markets, Adam and I were about to leave when I spotted a sign for Nomadic Gardens. ¬†At first we did not find them because we got distracted by the world’s funnest children’s park ever where there was a see saw that swung us round and round for half an hour (my snap chatters know!)


and then we got distracted by a petting farm next-door to it…


but we found it eventually…


and it was beautiful…there were cafes made to look abandoned…but some of them actually served tea!


This horse type mythical creature made of metal was so big and so beautiful and so out of place, I think you really have to be there in the middle of nowhere to truly appreciate it, I mean it was next to a main road which overlooked it!


This painting was too beautiful to resist snapping. I assume it is done out of spray paint alone which is even more of a mission to get different tones from.


Both of these photos are beautiful and just on random walls around Shoreditch.


This place was made to look like people stayed there. There were jackets hung on the rails and a board that informed us that the birdhouse was a place of letting go. You were asked to write what was bothering you and place it in the birdhouse and just let it go and feel lighter and unburdened. It was a really sweet idea. I love when random art in the city asks something of you.


This lizard is made entirely of rubber tires! He had plenty of lizard tire friends around him as well. Whoever made this installation must have put so much time and effort into it. If you look really closely you can see every detail, every scale, every triangle, every big of this looks painstaking.


Forever wanting to share all the beautiful things we stumble across and documents them forever!

H x


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