Sick Day


Hello lovelies,

So summer ball got the best of me and, having screamed my head off all night to the music acts and the silent disco tunes, I had a very sore throat and an absent voice the next day. This has since developed into an absolutely hideous cold. My throat is sore and my nose is blocked- well actually one side is blocked and the other won’t stop running. I am disgustingly sicky, congested and headachey. I am snoozing occasionally through the day and then am too busy suffocating to be able to sleep at night.

As crappy as it is to get sick, I actually think sick days probably do us some good. Sick days force us to stop everything we are doing and actually look after ourselves for a bit. Since being sick I have: had a really long bubble bath, have deep conditioned my hair, have read a book, have updated my diary, have reorganised my handbag, have had some really good naps with really weird dreams and have tried to drink plenty more water and eat more vegetables.

Another good thing about being sick is cuddling up in blankets and duvets or even just spending the day in bed with Netflix running all day. Being sick is cosy. Being sick means not making yourself do a lot of tasks and instead allow yourself catch up on television and lay down all day without doing anything strenuous.

So, I’m not going to rush back to busy days. I am going to relax, drink my peach and apricot green tea- with a dash of honey, and just be completely chilled.  I am going to read more books and have more naps and maybe even steam myself out in another beautifully bubble heaven.

If you have also caught a bug. I am sorry. Try not to drown in your own snotty tissues.

Love, Hannah x


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