Sighh Designs Got Me Again


Hello lovelies,

No, I haven’t bought another phone case! This time it’s a bag. Remember I said that the talented Polly Vadasz was expanding her store, ‘sighh‘, with more products?

I caved into temptation and treated myself to the new ‘everyday tote’ bag and it’s a brutally honest confession of what we all have in our handbags. As you can see, Polly didn’t miss a trick with earphones, lipsticks, emergency cash, receipts we’ll never actually look at but never say no to, the food we keep for train delays, purse, house keys, ID cards, gum and the crumbs we all have but can never understand where they come from- we don’t eat in our handbags?

I will stop browsing Polly’s shop when she stops making products that I relate to. Until then. HOW BOOTIFUL?! And also, Polly loved this photo and kindly asked if she could use it herself so that couldn’t have happened without me succumbing to buying it!

Hannah x


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