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We’ve all been there! At a slumber party or having a pamper session at home with a face mask. It’s all fun and lovely for a few minutes and then WHAM! Your face starts tingling and burning, you rush to the sink to wash it off and look up in the mirror to find a rather red, sore and rashy complexion…again!

Some people are born with skin a little more sensitive than others. Some people might have had a cosmetic accident or damaged their face in some way and have suffered the consequences of sensitive skin ever since. A few years ago I was at a nightclub where people had those thick ‘glowsticks’ to wave about and somebody broke a glowstick, threw it over the crowds of people in front of them and, of course, it landed on me. The chemicals and all kinds of nasty stuff that made it glow proceeded to trickle down my face, resulting in a heavy rash and sore blistered skin. I have suffered with sensitive skin ever since.

The majority of facial products, cleansers and soaps are fragranced because we girls can’t resist a fruity smell! However, you’ll find that these fragrances irritate and burn your face. After a long series of allergic reactions to various face masks and creams, I thought I would never be able to facial scrub or face mask again. And then I tried these…


The ‘Simple’ range is fragrance free and soap free and instead use natural ingredients, all dermatologically tested so as to not harm or irritate sensitive skin. They are sent from the Gods!

As you can see, I have a reasonably extensive collection of these products.

I think it’s very important to ensure that your face is clean and so I tend to keep the ‘refreshing cleansing gel’ in my shower to use every morning and then I use the ‘Purifying cleansing lotion’ and the ‘Soothing facial toner’ with a cotton pad to wipe away everyday dirt and grime for a brighter complexion. The ‘Hydrating light moisturiser’ is absolutely divine to apply afterwards to prevent dry patches.

I much prefer the ‘kind to eyes make up remover’ to scrubbing at my eyeballs with a face wipe. A few drops on a cotton pad soak and refresh your eyes whilst wiping them clean of all traces of eye make-up. Lush!

Twice a week I use the facial scrub followed by the deep cleansing face mask (we CAN use face masks still!) and they are great for sweeping away dry skin and looking after the new skin to stay fresh faced.

Alternatively, you can also check out the Boots ‘botanical’ range which use all natural products. As you can see, mine are well-loved.

High end cosmetics companies such as Clinique are also very recommendable, dermatologically and allergy tested, fragrance free products. I purchased the ‘Dramatically Different Moisturiser’ and the ‘Foaming Cleanser’ and both were amazing! The cleanser in particular made my skin so refreshed, soft and smooth- a real treat for your face. I wouldn’t use it too regularly though as they are a little more expensive than the Simple and Botanical range which are equally just as good!

So, sensitive skinned readers, head to your local pharmacy and get yourself a skin routine that works for you!

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