Skinny Shaming?

Hello lovelies,

It has recently come to my attention that, whilst in the past the media has always seemed to promote being a decent weight or being skinny, the media and society today has recently shot that down and created what people are beginning to nickname ‘skinny shaming’.

Now, I’m not saying that the previous promotion of being ‘skinny’ was any good because it wasn’t. Models have always been on the thin side and images have been photoshopped to the point where the idea of ‘perfection’ was both unattainable and unhealthy. BUT the new trend of being large and having a big ‘booty’ or whatever isn’t exactly healthy either.

I don’t believe in shaming people for being overweight because you never know why people are the size they are. It could be a medical condition, genetics or stress or just over eating and under exercising. I much prefer the promotion of health. And I’m not seeing that here today.

The first time I came across ‘skinny shaming’ online was when I saw this picture:



Essentially, this picture is demonstrating some place that is apparently off limits to thin people? I thought it was pretty odd but there you go. That was the first time I saw anything of it.

Recently, two videos have come to my attention that have also been ‘skinny shaming’, yet both make out that they are promoting body confidence! (I think you know what I am referring to).

I shall begin with the Anaconda video of Nicki Minaj’s! If you haven’t already seen it, by all means go watch it but it is a little too revealing to put on my blog! So, Nicki sings about how she doesn’t want anything to do with a girl who doesn’t have ‘buns’ basically. Whilst I don’t mind the lyrics which inform us that we can tell that she doesn’t skip meals at all, it kind of takes a plummet when she repeats ‘fuck you skinny bitches’ for a while and claims that she only wants to see ‘big booty bitches’ in the clubs. Just like commenting on people being overweight is generally seen as being rude and offensive, I feel like ‘skinny shaming’ is equally as rude and insulting. If Nicki had left this out maybe she could have gotten away with pretending to promote healthy bodies but in fact, all I’m getting from this is that she is rude to slim people and that we should all go get breast implants and bum implants to look good or enter a club.

The second video, which is definitely less offensive and less direct but still rude, is the All About That Bass song by Meghan Trainor. The video is fairly innocent and the lyrics are mostly fine, discussing body shape and not worrying about it and how men like bigger bums, which isn’t strictly true but fair enough. She claims to have all the ‘junk in all the right places’. The part which I am really not a fan of is this: ‘I’m bringing booty back, go ahead and tell them skinny bitches that’. Okay. Stop. First of all, bring the booty back, fine but if skinny girls aren’t shoving their pancake flat tummies and little legs in your face then there’s no need to bring your booty into this. I guess, the main thing I am confused about is why we are suddenly calling all skinny people ‘bitches’? Meghan follows up the insult by saying, ‘No, I’m just playing, I know you think you’re fat’. Playing or not, there was no need to call them bitches in the first place. If someone said ‘fat bitch’ it would be wrong. Commenting on people’s weight at all is wrong. The word ‘skinny’ even can be insulting.

I’m not an anaconda and I’m not all about the bass, I am all about health and body confidence and don’t think much of these people or song lyrics.

No one should be made to feel insecure or called out on their body shape. I’m not fat and I’m not skinny either. I am a healthy size 8 top and bottom and a tiny 5 ft 2 inches tall (or small), I weigh a happy 8 stone and have a healthy BMI of 20. And I don’t care who knows it. I like food and I like hula hooping and walk places because I can’t drive and as long as I remain healthy and get to eat well, I don’t care. The promotion of being skinny is wrong and the promotion of being a ‘big booty bitch’ is also wrong. People have insecurities and weight and bodies are both taboo subjects that people get uncomfortable about. Don’t point out anyone’s flaws because we are all so aware of them ourselves. It’s just a topic that should be avoided in terms of shape and size and instead we should be discussing health and educating people on what is healthy and what is unhealthy.

Everyone give your beautiful bodies a hug and just take care of them and leave everyone else’s alone!

Three cheers for body confidence!

Hannah x



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