Soap & Glory’s Beauty Sleep Accelerator Review


So there’s one product that seems to be appearing a lot in my skincare posts recently and that is the Night & Flight Moisture Miracle moisturiser. I thought it was about time that this product got a proper individual review so I can share it with you all!

I picked up this product about a month ago from Boots because I was looking for something that would repair my face from the winter weather that I was a bit unprepared for. I thought ‘Moisture Miracle’ fitted the bill!

Firstly, the pot looks kind of small but do not be deceived ladies! A little goes a long way and after a month it still looks pretty untouched in quantity (as exhibited in the photo) so its going to last me a while!

As with all Soap & Glory products, the cream smells delicious. It smells a bit like apricot yoghurt, nearly good enough to eat! I was a little concerned that the fragrance of the product would ensure a flare up of my sensitive skin but I haven’t had any form of reaction so this product is good for sensitive skin too!

Its easy to apply and soaks in quite quickly which I especially like about this product because we’ve all known some creams to just sit on our skin and not absorb. You can tell that the cream is actually getting to your skin, though it will still leave the face a little sticky but that’s because it’s a night cream and its just doing its job!

It’s intended mainly as a night cream or a moisture mask for a long haul flight in order to avoid dry damaged skin from air conditioning.

I have been using this a few times a week for about a month and my skin is no longer dry nor damaged. Instead it is fresh, hydrated and moisturised.

This product is exactly what it claims to be for your skin: a miracle!

For £13 I insist that you all go and get a tub of your own!

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  1. November 27, 2013 / 11:35 am

    I just bought this, and love it too! 🙂 xo

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