Springing Forwards…


Hello lovelies,

I thought I would write a little chatty update post as I haven’t done so in about a month! I just keep telling everyone how busy I am and to be patient as even though it might look like I am really present on my blog because I haven’t broken my schedule in forever, all of my posts are actually pre-written and pre-scheduled so I’m actually whizzing about somewhere in the background! I thought I would actually elaborate on what I’m doing, how excited I am that it is spring and to tell you of the ways in which I am springing forward in life.

So, first of all, I had a busy month last month as I turned 21 years old! I had lots of visitors and saw some friends and went everywhere and celebrated everything and I was just non-stop out and about!

Then, I settled back into the swing of normal everyday life and prepared for my exams by reading lots of boring books and writing up lots of well structured essays to practice for my upcoming exams. To say that uni is stressing me out is a huge understatement. I am really well prepared for two of my exams (so six of my essays) but the other module has been largely useless and I’m trying to teach myself what I need to know which involves a lot of reading and researching and time and effort so that’s mainly been taking up my springtime month of April.

The sunny weather is really motivating me into doing things. I am one of those people who is largely affected by the weather- when it’s grey and gloomy for days, I become such a tired introvert and when it is bright and sunny and the birds are chirping I will be found with a huge smile on my face, looking daft, and repetitively exclaiming ‘this is the best day ever!’ I am really enjoying spring and this year is just going to get better and better.

The end of this month is really important, not just because I shall be doing the all important last minute revision but also because Adam and I will begin to seriously house hunt and house view. Mid March, we visited the community we hope to be joining and fell in love all over again with the area, the people and what they’re trying to achieve. I haven’t wanted to say much more about it than that and I know it’s annoying when people say that something exciting is happening and they can’t tell you anything about it but I really can’t for a few reasons…

Firstly, I don’t want to say anything because I don’t know for sure yet if it will all go ahead- there might not be any properties that suit us at the actual time we need to move. So even though I’ve been and seen some and I know there are some that we could move into happily, they might not be available or have similar properties next month when we need them. Or, given our jobs are both right in central London, we might find a place in central instead.

Secondly, I don’t want to jinx anything!

All I can really say is that Adam and I are working really hard to make things fall into place, to get stuff done, to get uni finished with, a full time job that we enjoy and then viewings and discussions and paperwork and referrals and hopefully we will be moved in by the end of May/beginning of June!

So, with spring, I am looking forward to a lot of great things happening this season: finishing university, being settled in full-time work, applying for the accommodation we want and moving house at long last!

You can find me buried in books or at work or on the phone or packing boxes!

I hope everyone is well and that the sunshine is making you happy, too!

Hannah x



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