Spun Candy ; The Sweetest Night

Last week, I visited Spun Candy in Spitalfields for their third birthday party press event and it was sweet! (Pun intended).

Spun Candy

Spun Candy – a 3rd Birthday

Spun Candy

Like a kid in a candy shop…

Spun Candy

The team, hard at work

If you’ve ever been close to Spun, you would know it immediately. Spun smells like sugar,  hot syrup and the sweet memories of old candy shops you visited as a child, desperate for rock and rhubarb. The windows welcome you with the many faces of celebrities that have been lovingly handmade. The jars of colourful lollipops also entice you but what moves you most is the magic inside where the Spun team skilfully cut, roll and shape the confectionary over hot tables. It is like watching a performance, seeing the Spun Candy team at work. Their hands move confidently and they bring animals and flowers to life in moments.

We were welcomed on the night and shown around before the party really started. I mingled with other bloggers, some whose faces and lives I felt I already knew, and some who I hadn’t come across before that I got the pleasure of getting to know. Our glasses were topped with bubbly and, after watching the Spun Candy team in awe for a while, our confidence grew enough to try it for ourselves!

After flattening, cutting, shaping and moulding pieces together, we learned that candy is a labour of love and every member of Spun Candy seem to truly love what they do. Every piece of candy can be as fun or as personal as you want it to be. They craft names and pictures into tiny fragments of rock, they twist butterflies, craft roses, swirl lollipops and claim to be able to capture any shape, flavour and size. I can believe it!

Spun Candy

Tiny flavourings

Spun Candy

A rose I made myself!

A party at Spun Candy would be a delicious dream! I dare you to invite all your friends to satisfy their sweet tooth and make their own spoils to be carefully wrapped and taken home and try not to get Christina Aguilera’s ‘Candyman’ stuck in all your heads!

If you have time, pop down before Christmas and pick up some festive themed candy! It would make a far more personal gift than any old shop bought candy, since you can add your loved ones’ names! I am addicted and can’t wait for an excuse to return!

Happy birthday, Spun!



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