How to Start the Week off on the Right Foot

We’re returning to work from a bank holiday weekend, feeling fresh and well rested. Unless, of course, you’re starting the week off with delayed Monday blues! Going back to work will always suck but here are some ways to make it suck less and start the week on the right foot…


start the week off on the right foot


Clean surroundings

I’m a big believer in starting as you mean to go on. Also, I’m incapable of getting anything done if my apartment is a mess. Cluttered surroundings tend to make me go crazy! Give yourself the best start possible by getting a head start on Sunday. Spend an hour doing simple housework tasks such as wiping sides, cleaning mirrors and windows, beating cushions and rugs and changing your sheets. Only stop when everything is anti-bacced, shiny and fresh! If you need inspiration, think of the last hotel you stayed in and how nice it is to live in a clean and clutter free space for a while. Make your apartment as luxe as the last spa you visited. Start the week off with clean surroundings.


Weekly plan 

Approaching the week with the same old motto: ‘I have so much to do today’ is never helpful. Sometimes, the best thing to do, to start the week off right, is to note down everything that you need to get done that week. Then you can clearly visualise how much work there is and evenly distribute the workload throughout the week. To go the extra mile, try to estimate the time that each task needs. That way, you can split the work into manageable days that don’t intimidate you or stress you out! I also like to write a second to do list with things that I’d like to do for myself, no obligation, just me. These often include things like a home manicure, a relaxing bath or catching up on my favourite shows. Always set a weekly plan to know what to expect and to categorise your workload.


Treat yourself 

I’m sure this is something we can all be great at! It helps, sometimes, to bargain with yourself. For example, if I do this much work, I can buy some macarons. Once I have completed this to do list, I’m going to book something fun. If I work late tonight to get ahead, I’ll order Dominos to keep me going. There’s no shame in treating yourself after all of your hard work! Stock up on groceries so you’ll have your favourite foods throughout the week and buy yourself the things you’ve been saving on your wishlist when you do something big. That way, you have more motivation than living payday to payday and are hygge buying – obtaining things with positive associations.


Something to look forward to

Organise your calendar so that something fun is happening every single week. Make social plans with friends, organise weekends away, schedule in time to catch up with family and arrange days just for fun. It doesn’t matter if it’s something small like going to the cinema or out for dinner or if it’s something larger like a city break, just make plans. The effect is twofold: firstly, you have something to look forward to throughout the week and, secondly, you’ll work harder to ensure things are done before that date. Really appreciate your time and try to divide it evenly so that you’re having as much fun as you are spending time working.


I hope that these tips to start the week right help. If you have any of your own tips, do comment them below and share your wisdom with other readers! I hope you’re all taking care of yourselves.


Image by Brooke Lark


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