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Hello lovelies,

We are most certainly well within term time now and so, that probably means that people are beginning to lose hope right now. I’m doing okay but the deadlines for seminar presentations and essay hand ins are well within my sights, looming ahead of me and daring me to take one night off or put one foot wrong.

I thought that now would be as good a time as any to discuss with you the tips and tricks I have picked up along the way with my time at uni. Without these, I probably wouldn’t have been anywhere near as successful as I have been!



REFME is a referencing app, as the name suggests. Having typed out the entirety of one book source reference in my very first seminar write up only once, I realised this kind of requirement would be one which would take up a lot of my time when doing my work at university. My flat rep immediately pointed me in the direction of REFME. Basically, you can use your camera phone to scan the barcode on the back of your textbook and REFME will go ahead and find the details for you, or you can enter the details yourself of the product. Then, upon entering which type of reference system you would like to use, REFME does all the hard work and arranges the reference for you. Simply copy it into your bibliography and footnotes!


Most people have heard of UNIDAYS but basically, they are an app and online website which reminds you of all the latest discount offers for students across a wide range of stores. It is always best to hang in there when you want something so that you can hit all your favourite stores for clothes when unidays give you a code! Most shops let you use a code from the website regardless of sales or offers or promotions, simply sign up and prove that you’re a student!


Not one to help you academically but most places now offer the opportunity to have the music controlled. At our local bars and the student union, my friends and I can change the music with this app by it recognising which bar we are at by using our location and showing us the tracks available on that particular library of music.


I treated myself to premium spotify in my second year of uni and have not regretted it! It is half the price for uni students and means that you can constantly have your favourite artists to motivate you through the day, browse the ‘focus’ playlists to guide you gently through your workload and blast out the latest chart releases at parties. Just get it. Music should be a basic liberty.


Student beans is another website that gives you vouchers, offers and free stuff and is free to sign up to if you can prove you are a student!


Before you fork out most of your student loan on your required reading list you should probably check if there isn’t a free PDF or online version of the book online. You’ll kick yourself for spending those precious forty pounds if your classmates have already downloaded it for free!


Avoid the landlord’s wrath but still make a house a home by using white tack to pin up posters and fairy lights and notice boards and anything else you might desire to ruin the walls with- without the £30 per wall fine for nails or anything which rips off the paintwork!


I don’t know how many times I am going to say this to people and they never listen. USE THE APPLE DISCOUNT. I think it is either 15 or 20% off, I cannot remember but since becoming a student I have bought two phones, an iPad and a macbook air and could not have afforded nor considered them without the apple student discount. I love everything Apple and do not regret splashing out at all but you might have a few regrets if you graduate without taking full advantage of it!


At around 8pm, my local supermarket decides to go through the food expiry dates and hurry the ones nearing their life to a specific aisle of the store and this is where you can really pick up some bargains! Luxury items that might not fit into your regular budget such as fruit juices and good quality meat and pre made packed lunches will go for next to nothing and it saves you so much money! So long as you eat everything by the time it suggests, this is a really good idea. Plus 10 doughnuts for 15p is a no brainer.


Ending on a general note, it baffles me when people don’t have a decent pair of quality headphones. They are vital for your sanity if you travel on public transport, use a social area of the library or live in any sort of accommodation that is shared or flats where you are squeezed into a small space with neighbours above, below and to the sides of you! Pair these with your student spotify and you shall never be irritated again!

I hope that some of these are helpful to you and save you time and/or money! It’s not all bad being a student- think of all those discounts! I hope that this helped you appreciate your enviable position as a student enough to release some of your mid-term stresses!

Lots of love, as always,

Hannah x



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