Summer Ball 2015


Hello lovelies,

So last Saturday marked the end of my second year at university. Every summer the university hosts a long haul event that everybody attends. It’s sort of a festival meets party event and this year was even better than last year!

We wake up early and excitedly get ready in groups, eat a hearty breakfast and then head down to campus where we spend all day on the funfair rides, drinking pimms and strawberry daiquiris. Then we stroll to the green to watch whichever daytime music act is on. This year it was The Feeling. They were good but as a shortarse somewhere in the middle of the crowd, I didn’t see much. It was good nonetheless. Then there’s a break in between the daytime and the evening so we all go home for a nap and takeaway pizza.

After a short nap, 3 slices of pizza, a couple games of beer pong and an hour spent curling hair and powdering the face, we all rushed back to campus for the fireworks. We all tend to huddle in groups, take photos, express our love for life and when the fireworks are over, everyone screams, ready for more music.

This year we had Tinchy Stryder, Katy B and The Wombats. We were front left of the crowd, literally at the barrier which made it a lot better than last year where we were front and centre to watch Scouting for Girls in the morning but way at the back for the evening acts. I’m not a fan of Tinchy Stryder but reliving old memories to ‘Number 1’ was fabulous. Katy B was INCREDIBLE and I loved every second of it! The Wombats were pretty decent but the main mic was a bit too quiet and the guitar through the speakers deafened my left ear for two days.

After the music was over, we finally got to pee and buy more drinks and then we headed straight for the silent disco tent. Obviously most people know what this is but for those who don’t: everyone in the tent has a set of headphones with two radio stations governed by two DJ’s who stand at the front of the tent. One station is typically average pop, dance, club music etc and the alternative station is…well…alternative so includes rock and old classics. We all switch between stations all night, singing as loud as we can, as badly as our hearts desire and the best part is that no one can hear how awful you are. The second best part of this is that when you take your headphones off for a break, you get to hear just how awful everybody else sounds!

We somehow passed 2 hours in the silent disco tent (by secretly peeing in pint cups and slipping them under the bottom of the tent, outside- go hard or go home). Then we went to eat. By this time it was 3am and we only had to make it one and 3/4 hours more. We boogied a little more in the Union before giving up on the mini stage where we sat until it was time for the survivors photo.

Everybody gathers behind the big Grove House, ecstatic and proud of themselves for drinking and dancing for about 18 hours straight. We wait for the cameraman and RSU to climb on top of the building’s roof and all woop and smile for our survival photo. Yay!

Aaaaand then we all limp home, fumble our keys into the locks and collapse in our beds, the end!

I filmed near enough the whole experience (in short bursts) so those of you who follow me will have seen it all (and I’m sorry it was so long). I was going to upload the whole video on here but it is 11 minutes long and you’re here to read not watch so I left it out. But, as always, you know where to find me.

Love Hannah x



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