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Hello lovelies,

Though I have been the busiest I have ever been in all my life lately, I have learned an important lesson that I thought I would take a moment to write about given that this blog used to largely centre around happiness and what we should do to find it. So, I’m bringing it back to the basics for today’s post.

When was the last time you took a break? I don’t mean nipping to the kitchen for a refill of your coffee, I mean a real break. When did you last go outside but not to do anything in particular?

Stress is one of the biggest killers. It is also a silent killer and rarely taken seriously until recent research has shown it to be detrimental to our physical health as well as our mental health. And yet we all run around, constantly rushing to meet this deadline or that one, forgetting the basics of life and acting like our stressful lifestyles aren’t as damaging to us as they are.

Stress, to some extent, is definitely inevitable and I wouldn’t slow my lifestyle down in general because money is time and success takes hard work and hard work takes a lot of hours of effort. If you stand still for too long, you’ll miss out on something. That’s a fact. But I definitely think that mini breaks are largely underrated.

To England, specifically, I would like to remind you this summer that sunshine is rare. We can’t just walk out of work when the sun shines to get our bit of vitamin D but we need to remember that it’s so good for us to catch some sunshine and make it a priority to soak some rays in our free time and make free time wherever it’s possible to. We’ll miss it so much for the other three quarters of the year.

To everybody in general, going outside is really good for you. Whether you have a garden or are waving the flag for cosmopolitan city living and have nothing more than a half foot ‘balcony’ ledge, everybody lives near a park or some greenery. I so often forget that it’s okay to go outside and do absolutely nothing but just surround myself with nature sometimes. We don’t need to say, ‘I’m going out,’ for any particular reason at all. We should just sit outside and do nothing for hours occasionally.

Breaks are really good for our health. Relaxing with sunshine, pets, hobbies– especially if they’re creative, and breathing in some fresh air can make a huge difference to our happiness. I am fast learning that my happy place has always been outside with the sunshine. (And we all already know how I feel about cats and all furry creatures).

It is so important to just indulge 100% into things. Life is such a big concept and so wonderful and we need to stop thinking about the mundane everyday things once in a while and remember that, though we call it living we are all dying and need to make the most of now and treat ourselves to all of our favourite things. Be it chocolate cake, outdoors, a walk, a book, some sunbathing, swimming, whatever, just do it.

Indulge, indulge, indulge, take time, take moments, slow down.

H x



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