Tea and Catch Up- Flu, Work and Acid Poopstorm


Hello lovelies,

I write this on the last day in September, from my PJ’s, sat atop my sickbed. I have had a cold for the last few days now and it has been one of the most horrendous colds I think i have ever had. My head has been full and heavy and I’ve suffered migraines where every noise makes my head feel like it is going to explode and I’ve lost my eyesight, I’ve had panic attacks because I thought I couldn’t breathe, I’ve had disturbed sleep and just a shit time in general really.

My last week has pretty much just been a case of popping Beecham’s flu tablets, wolfing down vegetable soup when I don’t feel too sick to eat and just moaning at everybody who will listen to me and offer sympathy. I am trying to take it easy today with hearty food and blog writing in a chilled manner. I think if I can have a restful day today then my 6am – 6pm work day tomorrow won’t be so bad.

Speaking of work, we moved to the new store and it is all shiny and new and lovely and exciting. My shifts at present are not, however. I spent my last eight hour shift unpacking shoes. We’re mainly unpacking things, building shelves and filling them with the goods but at least I can go at a leisurely pace so as not to worsen my cold and flu!

Nothing much else to report other than the fact that my student house is a pile of steaming poop and actually did explode with steaming poop last night.

If you think I’m making a joke then you must be new here.

Basically, some idiot put acid down his sink. 1) Who has acid lying about? 2) Why would you put that down the pipes? Then that backed up all of the pipes in the block that we’re in.

We were literally sat in the dining room, my boyfriend and I, and I was like ‘Oh my god, what an atrocious eggy fart you just did!’ and we bickered over who farted for ages but the smell didn’t go away… Then another housemate ran down the stairs to join us because the smell was too much for her upstairs- that’s when we knew there was a problem. We gingerly headed to the front of the house where the downstairs toilet seemed to be the worst smelling room of the house.

Running back to the safety of the living room, we tried to get hold of our fourth and final flatmate as that is his bathroom so we thought he’d know something. He was, conveniently, nearby and, as he told us later, had let a fart rip in his car before leaving and the whole estate smelled so horrendous that he thought he had sh*t himself for a moment as the smell wasn’t leaving him!

On his way to the house, he passed other residents EVACUATING the block because the smell was too bad and realised that the smell was not coming from his butt, but was, in fact, the entire block.

Long story short, we called the council, they called someone to drain it. I peed in my back garden instead of the toilets at the front of the smelly house and, when the smell was too much and I was retching, I escaped the genuine shitstorm and headed to the university library, after hours, where I stayed for a couple hours until I was informed it was safe to return home.

So, to the idiot who put acid down the drain, that was a very selfish move and you ruined everyone’s houses, everyone’s evening and had a very sick me running for cover when all I really wanted to do was take a cup of tea to bed!

So that’s my life, lately. How’s yours? Hopefully less eventful!

Hannah x


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