Teacup Candle – A Christmas Gift DIY

This is a really great Christmas gift DIY that anyone can do with some time, patience and a few tools! Here is how to make a teacup candle!

You will need:

  • teacups
  • wax flakes
  • glass bowl
  • saucepan
  • stove
  • pencils
  • wicks
  • essential oils
  • spoon

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Set out your clean teacups with one wick and pencil per teacup and boil water in a large saucepan on the stove, ensuring the glass bowl is smaller than the saucepan and can comfortably sit on top of the boiling water. Then you’re good to go! Ensure there is adequate ventilation of the room so the melted wax particles don’t overwhelm you or make you sick.


Make the Wax

Per teacup candle, you will need twice the teacup’s volume of wax flakes to be added to the bowl. Let the wax melt, stirring occasionally to ensure the heat is evenly distributed and the wax lump free. When it is thoroughly melted, check the instructions of the essential oil to see if it needs to be 1% or 10% of the mixture. (This is important because oil is flammable!) For 10% fragrance, I added 20 drops of Christmas Spice and 20 drops of Choc Chip Cookie and then thoroughly mixed the oil into the mixture.


Teacup Candle

Pour the mixture carefully into your first teacup candle. Then place the wick in the centre of the cup and wrap the excess wick that comes out of the wax mixture around a pencil, placed horizontally across the teacup. This ensures the wick stays rooted in place while the wax sets around it. I placed the teacups near the cool breeze coming in through the door to speed up setting time but they typically take an hour to set.


Finishing Touches

Once the wax is set, uncurl the pencil and snip the excess wick off, leaving around a centimetre above wax line. I packaged my teacups in boxes so that they are easy to gift wrap later on but this is entirely up to you! Decorate and package your teacup candle however you see fit!


This is an extra special gift because, once the candle runs out and leaves your friend’s home smelling like Christmas, they can rinse out the teacup and use it!


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