The ‘Born in The Wrong Era’ Generation

Hello lovelies,

Having heard enough people say the same damn statement over and over: ‘I was born in the wrong era’ or variations such as ‘I was born 50 years too late’, I have been thinking about whether or not I would make the same claim.

Let’s see; the 20’s was all about flapper dresses, dancing and art. Telephones were around but nothing technologically impressive. Jazz music was becoming increasingly popular and hairstyles were curly but not really my style.

No one ever says they wish they ‘d been born in the 30’s. The Great Depression, stock market crash and wars don’t appeal to me. The 1940’s weren’t much better. The 1950’s saw the end of the war and the rise of feminism which tempts me slightly toward the era because I am a feminist but, equally, I have more rights now than they had then.

The 1960’s is a popular era that people claim they would have preferred. The 60’s saw the first man on the moon, England won the world cup, most homes had electricity, the fashion was rather incredible with the Twiggy look, Doc Martens, funky patterns and, of course, the miniskirt! Television was a little better and music included The Beatles and Elvis Presley. It was a time of rebellion and self-discovery and people romanticise the 60’s quite frequently. It beats the other eras mentioned but I don’t know if I would have wanted to be a part of it over today.

Then came the 70’s. Era of ridiculous attire and microwave meals. I am not a fan of platforms, flares or lycra and don’t think much more of the hairstyles of the time either. I find Abba incredibly irritating. I wouldn’t have even wanted to use my portable stereo with the music of this era.

The 1980’s improved the household by adding hairdryers, toasters and mobile phones. Computers were being built. Music improved with the likes of Blondie and I’m partial to a bit of Michael Jackson. The fashion wasn’t incredible though.

The 1990’s was the era in which I grew up. It was the fashion era of flared jeans, jelly sandals and crop tops. We had HAIR MASCARA and could be found wearing blue eyeshadow and face glitter. It was the time of ‘crazy braid’ and hair beads. We had mobile phones and wide screen TV’s with more channels. The world wide web became available to the public and three million computers connected. The top charts included Vanilla Ice, Elton John, Michael Bolton, Boyzone, No Doubt, The Spice Girls, Backstreet Boys, Britney Spears, Shania Twain, Christina Aguilera, Westlife, The Venga Boys, The Steps and, my personal favourite, S Club 7! It was the greatest time ever and I had the best childhood! I wouldn’t trade the 90’s in for anything. Of all the kids in different era’s that I could have been, I was one with a mini walkman, my rainbow hair braided and beaded, top cropped and jeans flared over my silver glitter jelly sandals, learning all the dance moves to the latest S Club 7 tracks.

I saw the millennium as a kid in the noughties, the release of the iPod, the invention of Youtube, Russell Brand first hit our television screens (one of my favourite modern philosophical icons) and in the same era, Richard Dawkins published ‘The God Delusion’. I partied to celebrate the Queen’s diamond jubilee, a royal wedding with a non-royal and then the birth of a royal baby. Women have more equal rights and I have witnessed gay rights and gay marriage this era too.

Today we have the iPhone, the iPad, MacBooks and the world wide web couldn’t be any bigger. I watch Youtube instead of TV, I have the world’s music at my fingertips and although modern music today can sometimes be questionable, if not entirely appalling, other genres are flourishing and new sounds are being made. Although people walk around facing screens all day, entertainment has never been better. Although prices of everything, including education, is more expensive than it has been in the past, we have so much more choice on things like diet and consumerism and hey, I might be paying above and beyond to go to university but at least I have the right to higher education as a female! This is something I would never have got in any other era.

I like when I was born and I like where I’m at now and I wouldn’t have switched eras for anything.

You won’t catch me saying I was born too late,

Hannah x


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