London Makes Art Unavoidable

I have been in my new house and my new borough of London for two months now and, though I have mostly just been in the office at my new job, Adam and I have made an effort to make the weekends extra special.

The other day, we were wandering around a little aimlessly before we accidentally came across this: Pop Brixton. Hidden behind the Saturday markets, the place looked small but that was deceiving.

Inside Pop Brixton are a variety of street food eateries and small shops selling jewellery or home decor or records. Upstairs is a greenhouse where people sit, among the flowers, to enjoy their food or craft beer. It is the home of South London’s hipsters, if you excuse the term. It is bright and beautiful and I thought I would share with you what our day looked like.

Between flowers, food and sunshine, I learned a lot about where I live and felt truly happy and at home here. To put it perfectly, I shall quote something I wrote in my journal recently…


Anyone who has ever lived somewhere where the scenery never changed will truly love, acknowledge and appreciate the beauty of London. 


I don’t mean the obvious beauty of white graceful buildings or towering new ones with the glass that sparkles like crystals when the sun hits it and fragments of light burst everywhere…I’m talking abut the small appearances.


The way shop windows change with the season, the fact that the beauty is multi-faceted with incredible flower arrangements in parks and art exhibitions that are everywhere.


This city makes art unavoidable.

There are billboards of effort when you look up, chalk pictures and writing when you look down to the pavement, there are huge art boards that appear overnight and tens of artists’ work spills out across squares.


Because of this city and its brave talented individuals, I see art every single day on my way to work without ever deliberately seeking it…


 And isn’t that just the most wonderful thing?


All my love,

H x



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