The Difference Project by Hannah Carrier

That’s it. The cat is out of the bag. The title of my book is: ‘The Difference Project‘. Here’s everything you need to know about it!

the difference project by hannah carrier

Two strangers, two chance meetings, fourteen years apart. This story comes full circle when two people find themselves on the edge, but what is meant to be the end of it all becomes the beginning. Set in bustling London, ‘The Difference Project’ is a story of consequence and companionship that follows sarcastic, unapologetic Eve and her friends through the ungraceful transition into adulthood. Through their short-lived highs and comedic pitfalls, the twenty-something characters don’t shy away from real problems, and bravely explore the butterfly effect in a way that leaves a lasting impression on how 8 billion strangers are connected.


When I started The Difference Project it was because there were characters in my imagination that needed their story to be told. As I was in the middle of writing The Difference Project, I realised that I had finally created something that I, myself, would look for on a bookshelf. A real story about real characters with real problems. A friendship group that utilises the dark British humour to laugh things off but also use their companionship to pull them all through.

Life isn’t graceful and certainly isn’t easy but if we don’t laugh, we’ll probably cry! The Difference Project is honest and sincere, full of as much love as there is sadness. It explores a number of issues that many 20 somethings trying to make it in a big city experience. About halfway through the novel, I really felt as though I had handed the reigns to my loveable characters who told their story for themselves!

Honestly, it’s an easy read and a bit of a giggle!

I am so happy to be saying that you can now find The Difference Project here.

I hope you fall in love with London, the characters and life as much as I did, writing it…


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